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Living Edge

— Launching August 2022

To be both true to the Gospel and relevant to the contemporary world, post-modern ministry requires a robust approach that integrates theology, philosophy, psychology, and phenomenology. The Living Edge focus group takes an interdisciplinary approach to equip an emerging generation of leaders as practical theologians.

Through an orthodox theological foundation — including a high Christology, robust pneumatology, and high ecclesiology — students will be prepared to proclaim the Gospel in the post-Christendom era. An exploration of both ancient and contemporary philosophic voices will present varied Christian philosophical perspectives. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of the psyche and how religious experience impacts the human condition. The focus group will draw on the work of the patristics, scholarly voices throughout the ages of the Church, contemporary theologians, and key voices in the world of psychology, along with essential voices in phenomenology from a Christ-centered perspective. The focus group will discover from a Pentecostal and Charismatic perspective how essential it is be conversant in all the disciplines mentioned.

Ultimately, leaders will be prepared to come alongside those they are called to serve and enable others to be fully human as they flourish in Christ.

This group for those interested in:

Becoming effective pastors, equippers, preachers, church-planters, and prophetic heralds.

Participants in this focus group will learn to:

  • Engage in interdisciplinary work in theology, philosophy, psychology, and phenomenology.
  • Bring those being fed and led to a place of human flourishing
  • Become effective communicators of the Gospel in a post-Christian epoch
  • Develop a Christo-centric, sacramental worldview from which to articulate the Story of Jesus.

Dr. Chironna is Founding and Lead Pastor of Church on the Living Edge (Longwood, FL).

Contact: [email protected]

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