Dr. Margaret E. Bryce


Creating Sustainability for the post-COVID Ministry Era.

Nowhere in Scripture does it say: Jesus booked like a lunatic to Bethany.

And yet, too many ministry leaders buy into the lifestyle leading to life-draining pathways of disillusionment and burnout. Is this what life and life in great abundance (John 10:10) looks like?

Then, as if challenges in 21st-century ministry were not sufficient, along comes COVID.

Many pastors are overwhelmed working to spin many plates at once to keep ministry afloat. Or they are looking for the exit ramp.

How can ministry leaders refocus and realign themselves to intentionally cultivate a sustainable lifestyle?

Creating Sustainability will explore what it means to be God’s surrendered person who intentionally cultivates selfcare so that personal sustainability can pour into and impact communal sustainability. Further, communal sustainability today will require more than functioning mission statements, especially in this new era. Ministry leaders will explore leading their people into entrepreneurial works — what God is calling them to BE AND DO — as well as how these works are to be expressed by the hands and feet of those who follow Jesus Christ.

Participants in this focus group will learn to:

  • Demonstrate critical and faithful interpretation and responsible use of Scripture as each relate to well-being in kenotic ministry.
  • Cultivate an advanced sense of personal awareness and disciplines that nourish the Christian life as a ministry leader.
  • Demonstrate advanced critical theological reflection that is biblically faithful, contextually relevant, and integrated within the clergy person’s pursuit of well-being in the practice of ministry.
  • Customize their own ministry sustainability plan with attention to a kenotic journey for this post-COVID era.
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