Dr. Lisa Weah


Harold Hudson Scholars: Building Bridges for Church and Community Wholeness.

. . . [Paul] stayed with them, and they worked together . . . (Acts 18:3)

This simple statement from the scripture is at the heart our focus group — we understand that God wants us to work together, wherever we are, for church and community wholeness. Our founder, Dr. Harold Hudson, believes that social justice is not only embedded in the larger issues of the world, but that each person, church and community can address issues close at hand to bring about renewal, hope and justice. Working together with church and community members through preaching, teaching and visionary leadership, our doctoral students have addressed many diverse topics: from organ donation to youth missions; the need for intergenerational understanding in the local church to development of community centers; reducing recidivism in prison populations to encouraging young African American women to claim their heritage, and much, much more. Harold Hudson Scholars truly can be those who are “Building Bridges for Church and Community Wholeness” through the Doctor of Ministry program at United.

Dr. Weah is Senior Pastor of New Bethlehem Baptist Church in Baltimore, MD.

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