Dr. José H. Tate

 Pastoral Leadership and Church Administration


Chaplaincy for All Ministries.

Chaplaincy for All Ministries will equip students for ministry across a broad range of ministry contexts, by building on foundational pastoral care skills and knowledge. Students will focus on developing an increased awareness of the self and the other in relationships. Through story theology and theological reflection/integration for ministry situations, students will form a practical understanding of clinical ministry and learn to use the clinical method of learning (i.e., action-reflection-action). Students will share select pastoral conversations and encounters so as to receive feedback to improve their pastoral care skills in clinical settings. Through this focus group, students will develop a theoretical construct for the practice and reflection on their unique ministry contexts.

Participants may acquire Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) units through this focus group.

Rev. Dr. José H. Tate, Chaplain, Major (Ret.), USAF, Xenia, OH.

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