Dr. Eliseo A. Mejia


Third Culture Church Planting: Third Culture Spirit-Empowered Leadership for the 21st Century

This Focus Group aims to discover and cultivate a third-culture church planting process with innovative systems, intentional evangelistic third-culture discipleship, and a new contextualized language led by third-culture spirit-empowered faithful fruitful leaders spreading scriptural holiness for the transformation of glocalized villages. Every doctoral student in this focus group will participate in sundry discussions, with foci on biblical, theological, cultural, socio-spatial, geographical, and other influences critical to third-culture church planting and development in the Hispanic Latina contexts in the USA and Latin America. Via case studies and site visits, participants will reflect on various third-church planting strategies and ministries in diverse cultural settings that will respond to the complexities of our times.

Dr. Eliseo Mejia has been planting churches for the last 25 plus years. He serves as a coach and cohort leader to multiply new churches as Expresiones Divinas-Fresh Expressions, emerging in the context where people live and work. He also is the Senior Pastor of Paris First UMC in Paris, Kentucky.

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