Dr. D.A. Everett


Prophetic Activism – From the Cross to the Community

— Launching in January 2021
Luke 4:18-19 expresses the earthly mission of Jesus Christ in the office of ‘Prophet.’ Prophets are inspired to action through compassion for impoverished, marginalized, and oppressed members of society.  Prophetic Activism – From the Cross to the Community draws from historically Black, diverse, and inclusive churches and other Christian faith-based contexts to provide the liberating work of the Holy Spirit by addressing contemporary social justice issues with love and grace. From the cross to the community, scholars engage liberation, Black, womanist, intersectional, Black Lives Matter, and other theologies with hermeneutical questions that address the heart of ministry from a prophetic lens.

Dr. D.A. Everett is Lead Pastor, Church in The Circle, Circle UMC, Cleveland, Ohio


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