Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr.


Building and Bridging: Transformational Approaches to Pastoral Leadership, Prophetic Preaching, and Spiritual Formation.

The objective of Building Bridges Focus Group is to mentor and empower pastors and leaders who are interested in the study of transformational leadership, church renewal, and prophetic preaching. A special emphasis will be given to the study on the interconnections between the pastor/leader’s discernment of calling and how one’s personal Christian journey informs how one provides creative pastoral leadership to their ministry context and local community. Participants in this focus group will explore creative preaching and leadership models, emerging postmodern spiritual practices, and new missional approaches to church revitalization which have allowed for the design of relevant ministry programming, developing effective intergenerational staff-team members, and fostering competencies in the work of anticipating cultural trends which impact the work of strengthening the local church. Participants in this focus group will engage in readings, lectures, interviews, examining video recordings, visiting onsite with practitioners/pastors/scholars, and interacting with other effective leaders and/or mentors who continue to successfully implement innovative ministry practices in their own context.

Bishop Hilliard is the Senior Pastor at Cathedral International Church in New Jersey.

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