Bishop Andy C. Lewter


Understanding Church History in Light of the Recent Pandemic

With the Christian faith community coming out of the Coronavirus Pandemic of the last two years the obvious question for those who are acquainted with Church History is how has the church responded to the many crises it has faced in the past to insure the continuation of the Christian tradition over the last two thousand years.

This course will be a survey of the two thousand plus year history of the church with particular attention given to those times the church was under the threat of destruction because of social, political or medical calamities that it faced. Students will be encouraged not only to familiarize themselves with various aspects of Church History but develop a strategy on how the church needs to respond to the pandemic based upon their understanding of how the church has responded in the past.

Bishop Lewter is a Founding Father and Council Bishop, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, International, and Pastor of The Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral, Amityville, New York.

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