Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (MACM)

Prepare for leadership and service to the Church

The Master of Arts in Christian Ministries (MACM) equips persons for leadership and service in various areas related to the Christian community’s public life and practice. It is designed for those preparing for the work of Deacon in The United Methodist Church; those who are seeking ordination in a denomination that requires a 45-semester hour seminary degree; those seeking to supplement existing professional specialties with theological studies; and laypersons who seek to serve the church with specific competencies.

The MACM is designed to develop the personal spiritual characteristics necessary for Christian ministries, provide a solid background in the theories undergirding Christian ministries, and to help students utilize them for the practice of ministries. United offers optional concentrations in Biblical Interpretation, Charismatic Studies, Church Planting, Ministry Leadership, Pastoral Care, Preaching and Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.

This program can be completed primarily online or through a combination of online and on-campus coursework.

Credits Required

45 semester hours
Non-Credit Requirements:

• Online Master Student Orientation
• On Campus Student Orientation
• Graduation Portfolio
• MACM Mid-Program Evaluation
• MACM Final Advising


Online Student Orientation: Required program introducing Theological Education
30 semester hours of courses in basic theological studies.

15 hours of electives

Experiences of personal and professional formation

Time for Degree Completion

2 years full-time study

Course schedules are developed to accommodate both full-time and part-time study. Working in a placement of more than twenty hours each week may extend the time it takes to complete the degree.

Degree Requirements

1. Complete New Student Orientation (online and in person)

2. Complete 45 hours of credits (27 core curriculum credits and 18 elective credits)

3. Residency (on-campus) requirements vary.

For a primarily online Master of Arts in Christian Ministries, students can earn a degree with as little as three weeks of on-campus intensive courses over a two-year program.

Most United Methodist students must complete 1/3 of the degree in residency. A two-year program can be completed with five on-campus courses (15 credits), or two to three weeks on campus per year.

For ordination requirements, please check with your denominational leadership.

4. Enroll in Hybrid Contextual Ministries as soon as you begin your MACM if you plan to complete your degree in two years. All theological students (except MTS) must enroll in the Contextual Ministries Program, which consists of:

A. Professionally facilitated ministry group (MINgroup) that meets weekly online and in the Intensive Week each term for three terms.

B. Ministry in a church or community site in your area (10 – 20 hours per week)

C. Formation courses

For more information please visit Contextual Ministries

5. Concentrations of study are available in Biblical Interpretation, Charismatic Studies, Church Planting, Ministry Leadership, Pastoral Care, Preaching and Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.

Intensive Weeks

Intensive Weeks will be offered six times a year at our Dayton, Ohio, campus so that students can complete the residency portion of their degree.

Included in the Intensive Week:

• Formation Retreats
• Communal worship and meals
• MINgroup gatherings
• Intensive and Hybrid courses

Intensive Week Fees: There are some additional costs associated with Intensive Weeks. Please visit TUITION and FEES for more Information.

Housing: Lower prices have been negotiated at some of the hotels in the area. Please explore the Visitor Accommodation section of the website to make your own room arrangements for the week or contact the Academic Office.

Some hotels provide free transportation to and from the airport. Please arrange this with the hotel.

Course Catalog and Planning Guide

The Course Catalog and Planning Guide is provided to assist students in mapping out their degree program at United.

Click below to view the most recent Course Catalog and Planning Guide.