Additional Requirements

If admitted, you must log on to the applicant portal to confirm admission by submitting your Letter of Intent (LOI). What types of student visa are available? Once you plan to enroll, United will [...]


How do I apply for scholarships? International applicants can apply for scholarships. Through the applicant portal you must complete the scholarship application and submit all requested documents [...]

TOEFL Scores

Is a TOEFL score required? Yes, all international applicants are required to submit a TOEFL SCORE.  Click here to learn more about the TOEFL SCORE. Recent TOEFL score of 550 for paper-based [...]

Submitting Transcripts

How do I submit official transcripts? Transcripts from outside of the U.S.: International applicants must apply for transcript evaluation at WES.org. You will need to submit your transcripts to [...]

Essay Requirements

What are the Essay Requirements? Essay 1 should be 2 pages double-spaced. Essay 2 should be 1 page double-spaced. Content must be original. Also, cite outside sources if used to write your [...]

Application Deadlines

What are the deadlines for submitting applications? International applicants can apply for spring and fall semesters. International applicants must complete their application by the following [...]

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