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The Matthew Initiative empowers churches to grow young again by reaching the children and families of their communities. 

The Christian movement started in homes for its first 300 years, and it changed the world. 

We find ourselves today in a situation that for health reasons, 60% of current families do not feel safe about bringing their children back to church. This is at a time when families need connection, hospitality and Jesus more than ever. There is serious concern that we could lose these families altogether.  We believe that family home church is an unprecedented opportunity to rediscover this ancient model, and provide joy, hospitality and hope for isolated families who now find themselves isolated from church, and especially for those who are not connected to any faith community The first 40 minutes of the webinar will address the current reality of re-opening with children, and two potential models for family home church.  In addition, we will share what we have learned from the home church pilots in Georgia and Alabama 20 additional minutes will be for opened for discussion and feedback from the United seminary community.  The Webinar will be led by Matthew staff members Sharon Yancey and Jordan Black.


Date: October 23, 2020

Time: 10 a.m.–11:30 a.m. ET

Online Webinar

Pohly Leadership Center

General: $12
Students & Alumni/ae: $10

Group discounts available — contact Rosario Picardo for details.

For more information contact Rosario Picardo, Director of the Pohly Center, at 859.321.9076 or

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