Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Andrew Park

Dr. Park’s new book, Triune Atonement: For Sinners, Victims, and the Whole Creation was published by John Knox/Westminster Press in 2009. It sums up major atonement theories and explains how God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit have been involved in the redemption of sinners, the healing of their victims, and the fulfillment of God’s purpose for creation. Presently, he is engaged in an Abrahamic religious dialogue funded by the UN Human Development and the Rockefeller Foundation with other 26 scholars, working for the publication of Just Peacemaking.

United Theological Seminary is a sacred place where God’s Spirit moves. I fell in love with United at first sight and chose to come to United. The faculty, staff, and students are genuinely united in the love of Christ and the pursuit of God’s truth in a spirit-filled milieu, prayer, mutual care, and commitment to God’s Reign. United is sincerely committed to transforming God’s church and God’s world.

Theological education is different from other academic disciplines. Theology can only be understood by integrating the heart (piety), head (reason), and hands (action). I would encourage seminary students to be joyful and be thankful in every circumstance. By doing these, we come to know God, love God, and honor God, for God loves us more than we love ourselves. I hope every student graduates from United with the fullness of the Spirit, God’s wisdom, and Kingdom-building tools.

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detail from a tapestry of a lamb, flag, and Bible