Dr. Vanessa Ward smiling in the chapel at United Theological Seminary

Vanessa Ward

Lecturer of Biblical Studies


BA, The College of Wooster (1979)

MATS, United Theological Seminary (1991)

MPhil, Hebrew Union College (2012)



Journey to the Well, Biblical Interpretations for African American Women, Teacher and Student Workbooks, (Urban Ministries, Inc. 2000)

The African American Sunday School: Reclaiming It’s Role as Moral Teacher (Precepts for Living, Urban Ministries, Inc., 1997)

Towards an understanding of a Petrine School, Aufstieg and Niedergang der romischen Welt, Wolfgang Haase and Rudolph Temporini (Berlin: Walter DeGruyter), 1992.



Vanessa is an ordained pastor with The American Baptist Churches and has served as Teacher and Co-Pastor with her husband, Daryl, at Omega Baptist Church in Dayton, OH since 2004.

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