Portrait of Dr. HiRho Park

Dr. HiRho Park

Co-Mentor: Bishop Cho Scholars: Cross-Cultural Ministry & Spiritual Leadership

Bishop Cho Scholars: Cross-Cultural Ministry & Spiritual Leadership

Bishop Cho’s focus group aims to provide students with theological understanding and spiritual leaders’ critical reflections on cross-cultural ministry. Students will learn the benefits and challenges of cross-cultural ministry as they share their struggles to resist racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, ageism, xenophobia, religious prejudice, and other forms of oppression.

Intercultural competence is crucial to being an effective leader in the post-pandemic world as the global exchange of ideas, products, and faith increases due to information communication technology. Students will develop a plan based on the design thinking process for understanding, appreciating, and interacting with people without biases. In addition, they will be invited to go deeper in their spiritual lives by reflecting on the history of servant Christian leadership as a form of spiritual practice. Coaching questions and case studies will be used to enhance the practical application of theoretical clarity. The participants in this program will be equipped with an in-depth theological understanding of cross-cultural ministry undergirded by cultural intelligence, humility, and spiritual maturity.

The focus group targets Korean and Korean American ministers who speak both languages. The focus group will use a hybrid teaching method, including small in-person group meetings and online learning.

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Education & Professional

  • Ph.D., Boston University, Boston (2011)
  • D.Min., Wesley Theological Seminary (date)
  • M.Div., Phillips Theological Seminary (date)
  • Lead Pastor, Bethesda United Methodist Church, Bethesda, MD (2021-Present)


Mentor Assistant

Rev. Yoon Sun Shin

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