DMin Admission Process

The following outlines the DMin admission process

The application process can take several weeks to complete. Below are the steps you’ll need to follow to complete the process on the applicant portal. If you plan to apply for financial aid or scholarships, it is advised that you work on these applications simultaneously.

  • Step One: Application

    Complete the quick and easy online application.

  • Step Two: Application Fee

    This fee may be paid online.

  • Step Three: Background Check

    A non-refundable fee of $50 will be charged by Verified Credentials

  • Step Four: Transcripts

    Official transcripts of all education beyond high school to be sent directly to United from the college, university or seminary, including Official Master of Divinity transcript. Faxed or applicant delivered copies are not accepted at any time.

  • Step Five: Letter of Support

    A letter of support and expression of cooperation for your participation in the doctoral program from the appropriate group in your local congregation or other context of ministry. As opposed to a recommendation letter, this form is most helpful if it gives information about your style of ministry and directly expresses your group’s support.

  • Step Six: Letter of Recommendation

    A letter of recommendation from your ecclesiastical supervisor. This supervisor should both know your work and assure you of support in your program involvement. If you have no ecclesiastical supervisor, request a colleague-in-ministry to complete the letter of recommendation form for you.

  • Step Seven: Spiritual Autobiography

    Prepare a 2-3 page “spiritual autobiography” that will communicate who you are and why you are interested in this program. In organizing this essay, consider the following questions:

    a. How would you describe your life (e.g. your formative personal relationships, work experience, intellectual development, personal growth, achievements)?
    b. What are your interests and activities (nature of your work and study, type of reading you have been doing lately, areas of special interest)?
    c. What have been your formative religious experiences? What are the essential principles of your religious faith today? Have these changed in recent years?
    d. How do you view ministry in the world in which we live? What is your theology of ministry? How does this coincide with your present ministry?
    e. What successes and failures have you experienced in your ministry? What have you learned from these?
    f. Why are you interested in the Doctor of Ministry program?

  • Step Eight: One-Paragraph Description

    Prepare a one-paragraph description of your ministry context (church, school, hospital, community agency, or other).

  • Step Nine: Interview

    An interview may be requested.

International Students have additional requirements.

After an application is complete, the Admissions Office will review your application to ensure you have fulfilled all the requirements for consideration for admission into United Theological Seminary. This can take up to two weeks. We will contact you if there are any outstanding required items.

If you are admitted you will receive a phone call and an Admittance Letter with instructions on how to acknowledge your Letter of Intent (LOI) to attend United Theological Seminary and request a focus group assignment. You will need to acknowledge the LOI as soon as possible. If your application is denied, you will be notified by mail or email.

Upon receipt of your LOI, we will send you confirmation that we received your letter. In addition, your student file will be transferred to the Registrar’s Office.