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Desperation is the seedbed for innovation. COVID-19 has wreaked a lot of havoc and continues to have lasting unanticipated consequences. Overnight the Church has been forced into the future. The internet is nothing new but being church online is a new wineskin for many congregations. This opened urgent theological reflections on real virtuality, place-fulness, bio-regionalism, digital intimacy, online evangelism, and sacramental practices and authority.

Yet, throughout the pandemic, some churches have been able to cultivate new Christian communities even amidst the realities of quarantine and social distancing… in digital space. They have been able to connect with so-called “nones and dones,” form community with them, and share their faith. Inherited churches connected with these digital fresh expressions have experienced growth as a result.

How did practitioners of fresh expressions respond? These pioneers lost the very spaces they depended on for forming church with people in the normal rhythms of their daily lives. Many worked with all that was left: peoples’ living rooms and their screens. Some learned to rethink the concept of the “third place.” Missional entrepreneurs utilized the space of flows and harnessed the power of digital connectivity to release new forms of church.

A pandemic world requires a new kind of blended ecology: not only gathered and scattered, collected and distributed, Jerusalem and Antioch, but now digital and analog.

If you’ve been frustrated by trainings and resources produced by people who have never done what they are trying to teach others to do, this cohort of practitioners is for you. These are leaders discovering how to be the church on a new digital frontier every day. They grow their own gardens, eat their own cooking, and are ready to share their recipes!


Date: January 22, 2021

Time: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. ET

Online Webinar

Pohly Leadership Center

General: $25
Alumni/ae: $18
Students (Non-Masters Credit): $15

Group discounts available — contact Rosario Picardo for details.

For more information contact Rosario Picardo, Director of the Pohly Center, at 859.321.9076 or


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