Church Renewal


Church Renewal is first and foremost about the work of the Holy Spirit and its most basic principle is that renewal of individuals and the Church is the work of the Spirit.

The good news is that Church Renewal can be seen, heard, felt, researched, studied and discussed. United’s faculty is bringing this good news to bear in our classrooms in required courses and electives.

This coursework focuses on ways we can invite people to open their lives and the churches to this work and the way we can invite the Spirit to be at work for renewal in our communities. The learning is from both academics and practitioners. It is life-changing and ministry changing – essential qualities for turning around whole denominations of the Church! We want our students and graduates to be among the leaders in a great movement of renewal!

Several years ago, United adopted as a prayer, a program and a tagline; Spirit Led, Renewing the Church! God has been faithful in answering this prayer and blessing the United community with vitality and growth.