Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS)

Contact: admissions@united.edu

The Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) is not denomination-specific; it is a master’s level certificate program offered by United that can be completed in one year of full-time study. Like the BGTS, the CTS can be used for vocational training or for personal edification.

The standards for admission are the same as for master’s degrees.

The goals of the CTS are to:

  • • Provide in-depth biblical/theological study
  • • Guide students to examine and integrate the meaning of personal faith
  • • Help students discern vocational call
  • • Aid students to envision diverse and dynamic ministries for the rapidly changing world

Course Catalog and Planning Guide

The Course Catalog and Planning Guide is provided to assist students in mapping out their degree program at United.

Click below to view the most recent Course Catalog and Planning Guide.