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Bishop Sir Walter Lee Mack Jr. receives honorary Doctor of Divinity

During 2020 Commencement, United Theological Seminary celebrates 114 graduates and honors Bishop Sir Walter Lee Mack Jr.

DAYTON, OH, SEP. 26, 2020 — United Theological Seminary celebrated the graduating class of 2019-2020 in a virtual ceremony on Saturday, September 26. During a pre-recorded service, the Seminary recognized 114 women and men who have completed their theological education and are serving as faithful, fruitful leaders of the Church.

During the Commencement ceremony, United also awarded Bishop Sir Walter Lee Mack, Jr. metropolitan bishop with Global United Fellowship, the honorary Doctor of Divinity degree for his pioneering leadership and community activism.

“We thank God for providing Bishop Mack as a leader among us, as a powerful preacher, creative Christian leader, wise spiritual guide, church growth expert, highly effective mentor, and faithful follower of Jesus Christ,” said Dr. Kent Millard, president of United, when presenting the honorary degree.

While President Millard and Dr. David Watson, Academic Dean, presented the degree in Ohio, Dr. Elvin Sadler, Assistant Dean for Doctoral Studies, personally presented the academic hood signifying the Doctor of Divinity degree on location in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Bishop Mack delivered the commencement address to the graduating class, preaching on faithful leadership during the pandemic.

“The question we must raise today is: what kind of ministry are we called to produce today in a pandemic and a post-pandemic world? Because it is true: that our decisions make us, but it’s a crisis that reveals us,” Bishop Mack told the graduates.

Bishop Mack is pastor of Union Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, where he provides spiritual guidance and leadership to a congregation of more than 4,000. Under his leadership, the church is committed to creative outreach ministries that connect with the community outside the walls of their building.

A 1997 Doctor of Ministry alumnus, Bishop Mack now serves as a senior mentor in United’s doctoral program, co-leading the Effective Leadership for Creative Ministry in the Post-Modern Church focus group, and a member of the Seminary’s Board of Trustees. He is the author of seven books and the founder of the Renew Conference for Church Leadership and Laity.

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