Student Spotlight: Meschach Kanyion

United M.Div. Student;
Associate Minister/Youth Minister, Omega Baptist Church

I chose United because I felt the call to ministry, and education was a must. After searching for seminaries throughout the area I decided that United was the best fit for me because of the diverse culture and the rich tradition that United offers. After being here for a few years it is clear that I made the correct choice.

Every lesson that I teach the kids, and every sermon that I have the opportunity to preach has been influenced greatly by my time at United. My goal is to become a prison chaplain so that I can use the things that I have learned to minister to our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated.

My favorite experiences at United have been connecting with other students and professors on a personal level through classes like formation and integration, or during worship and common meal.

When I came to United I had a very narrow view of Scripture. After taking many classes, especially Old and New Testament, and speaking with many professors, my understanding of the function that Scripture plays in our lives has grown drastically. I have also learned that Christianity does not only look like Conservative Evangelicalism is America, and I have fallen in love with many other Christian traditions.

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