Alumni/ae Spotlight: Arnita Peavy

One of the reasons I chose United Theological Seminary to pursue my Masters of Divinity is because it was highly recommended by my Pastor, Rev. Dr. Daryl Ward.

United is also a theological institution where several of my co-workers in the ministry are attending or have attended, and they highly recommend it as well. And the close proximity between my residence and United is an added blessing.

One of my favorite events at United was participating in an evangelism forum consisting of many individuals who were experienced in the field of evangelism. They shared their knowledge, skills and different techniques for evangelizing in the world today. I have a passion for evangelizing, and what I learned during that seminar and in my evangelism studies has enhanced my spiritual tools for evangelism inside and outside the walls of my church.

In my church I serve as an associate minister, adult Sunday school teacher, a member of the social justice ministry, and the Minister of Bereavement. My studies at United have influenced my preaching and teaching and I continue to gain new spiritual insight concerning the Word of God to pass on to others for His glory.

One of the most significant things that I have learned from being a student at United is the importance of really listening, keeping an open mind and respecting the many diverse cultures and faiths of other individuals. To God be the glory!

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detail from a tapestry of a lamb, flag, and Bibledetail from a tapestry of a lamb, flag, and Bible