Alumni/ae Spotlight: Richard Stenhouse

Some projects I’ve worked on since graduating from United include a 10-day mission trip to South Africa; developing 25 single-family houses for low/moderate income individuals and families; developing a plaza to house four retail outlets for minority business owners; and developing a day care center for our Head Start program with four classrooms for 128 3- and 4-year-olds. United prepared me for these ministries by providing me with the biblical and theological foundation to take ministry beyond the four walls and provided me with an excellent theological education that gave me the confidence to accomplish my visions.

The fondest memories of my time at United are the members of my cohort, the instructors — especially the present President of United — the sharing of faiths and traditions, and the interaction between cohort and staff.

I would encourage students to take full advantage of their time at United by interacting with their fellow students and faculty, share experiences, traditions and ministry visions; form relationships and be open to differences. United is an outstanding seminary that will prepare you for Christian ministry. The instructors are knowledgeable and available for instruction and relationship. It’s diverse in student body and faculty.

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