Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid

In order to receive federal financial aid, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward graduation, in addition to meeting all other federal and state eligibility criteria for financial aid.

United Theological Seminary evaluates SAP components every semester. If you meet the requirements at that point, you are eligible for federal financial aid for the following year.

SAP Requirements

  • GPA: Minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Maximum timeframe: Must be on track to complete academic program within 150% of the published length of the degree program.
  • Pace: Must complete at least 67% of the cumulative credits attempted (total number of earned or passing credits divided by the total number of attempted credits). Pace of completion for a masters degree program is a maximum of ten consecutive years.

Additional SAP Policies

If you fail to meet SAP standards, but later increase your GPA to meet the requirements, you will be eligible for federal financial aid in future semesters.

Changing Program of Study
If you change your degree program or area of concentration, you will need to contact the Financial Aid office immediately. Students who change their program or area may be at risk of losing financial aid eligibility.

Dropping Classes
It is advised that you contact Financial Aid before dropping or withdrawing from any courses, to check the impact on your progress and aid eligibility.

Repeated Courses
Courses that have been previously failed or withdrawn from, and then completed with a passing grade are eligible for financial aid. However, repeating a course that was previously passed will not be eligible for financial aid.

An incomplete grade may be given only for courses taught by residential faculty and at the discretion of the instructor. Incomplete grades are valid for 30 days after the end date of the semester. An incomplete
extension may be granted with Academic Dean approval for an additional 30 days, in the case of extenuating circumstances. If the work is not completed by the final deadline, the incomplete grade will be changed to an F (or whatever grade the instructor deems the student earned based on completed coursework).

Withdrawing or Failing Classes
Courses that a student withdraws from after the drop date will still be counted on the student record and with their financial aid eligibility. Failed courses also count towards financial aid eligibility.

Withdrawing from Program of Study
Withdrawing from your program of study after the drop date may result in decreased financial aid, or the requirement to return a percentage of your federal financial aid. Before you withdraw from your program, it is
advised that you meet with your academic advisor and Financial Aid personnel to discuss any impact this may have.

Financial Aid Suspension
Students who do not meet SAP standards during the full annual check or who exceed their limit for maximum time frame, may be ineligible to receive further federal aid. It is advised that you contact Financial Aid if you have questions regarding whether your SAP standards are being met.

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