UCC House of Study

The United Church of Christ (UCC) House of Studies at United provides theological coursework, support and hospitality for students with UCC affiliations. UCC students are encouraged to learn about UCC history, theology, polity and worship, and to prepare for ministry and leadership in UCC contexts. In addition to specialized courses, UCC students gather each semester for denominational family lunches to foster friendships, share information and build connections with others in UCC traditions.


Courses with a UCC Studies Emphasis Include:

  • Traditional Face to Face and a Hybrid Online UCC History and Polity Class
  • Christian Church, Congregationalism, Evangelical and Reformed Churches
  • Multicultural and Diversity Issues
  • UCC Theology and Writings of: Walter Brueggemann, Reinhold Niebuhr, Randi Walker, Paul Tillich, Barbara Brown Zigmund

Students seeking a theological degree, laity becoming authorized lay pastors, or ordained clergy seeking privilege of call as well as church leaders may register for courses through United Theological Seminary registrar at
Contact: registrar@united.edu| 937.529.2201
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Local UCC Judicatory Contacts
Rev. Phil Hart, Designated Ohio Conference Minister
philh@ocucc.org | 800.282.0740 x: 203

Rev. Kathryn Anadein, Designated Association Minister
Southwest Ohio Northern Kentucky Association (SONKA)
kathryna@sonkaucc.org | 937.438.8050

Rev. Dan Busch, Association Minister
Northwest Ohio Association (NWOA)
dlbusch@nwoa.org | 419.447.8323

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