UCC History, Polity and Theology Hybrid Course

Date: September 20 – December 20, 2014 Instructor(s): Rev. Brice Thomas, Mr. Robert Sandman

Sponsor: UCC House of Study

Times: First class is on Saturday, September 20; 12 pm – 4 pm. Students can also access the orientation class via video conference. All remaining coursework is online.

Place: United Theological Seminary campus for first class only (distanced learning students can access this first class via video conference)

CEUs: 30.0 + letter of completion to authorizing judicatories

Register Information:
Rev. Brice Thomas
United campus



Cost: $450.00 tuition; $10 CEU certificate; $10 lunch fee

Contact: Rev. Brice Thomas

This course will introduce students to the history, theologies, liturgical traditions, polity, organization, ministerial authorization policies and practices, and mission of the United Church of Christ. It will follow the guidelines prepared by History, Theology and Polity teachers on the essentials of a basic one semester course. This course is required by UCC associations and conferences for members in discernment seeking ordination, privilege of call, commissioning or dual standing in the United Church of Christ.