Trip Requirements


Students must secure a current, valid passport as soon as their degree program begins.

Students must take WR601 Methods of Interreligious and Intercultural Encounter prior to participating in immersion trip.

Students must complete any pre-trip readings prior to the departure date of the trip.

Students must prepare for overseas travel, including researching information about TSA requirements, pertinent medical vaccinations, as well as procuring a neck-passport badge holder to keep the passport on one’s body at all times.

The student should discuss trip timing with their advisor, but they may register for upcoming trips through the Registrar’s office, signing up for WR602 Immersion Experience/Trip, naming the location-trip in which they hope to participate. Once students are aware of which trip they would like to take, they can register, even prior to the completion of its prerequisite (WR601). Once the student registers for the WR602 Immersion Trip through the Registrar’s Office, s/he should await confirmation by the Dean’s Office for the selected trip. Once confirmed, the student should proceed to the WR602 Moodle Shell with information and documents for preparation. This will be a first-come-first-serve process, at this point, with priority granted to those who have already completed WR601. Confirmation will then be sent to the student via e-mail by the Dean’s Office. The student’s specific trip is not assured until confirmed in this fashion.