Faculty Spotlight: Alicia Myers

1 | What Do You Like Most about Teaching at United?
I like that we are an institution focused on preparing and equipping those called for ministry. Every class is crafted with an awareness of students’ upcoming or current time in ministry, helping us to blend the academic with the practical.

2 | Tell Us about A Significant Project You’ve Worked on Outside of Teaching for United.
I recently published my first book Characterizing Jesus. It is about how the Gospel of John uses Old Testament material in its presentation of Jesus. Right now I’m preparing another paper to present at the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Chicago this year. I’m also starting my next project, which examines expectations surrounding motherhood in the ancient Mediterranean world.

3 | Any Advice for Current and Incoming Students?
Be ready to be challenged and to grow as a part of the community at United. We are a diverse community with many different perspectives. Seminary is a place where you should encounter new ideas in a faithful context. Let your classmates and classes stretch you so that you will be better prepared for full-time ministry!