United Theological Seminary provides funding for academic scholarships. These scholarships are funded largely through endowed scholarships and our annual fund supported by our alumni/ae and friends.

The following information provides basic guidelines for the scholarship application process along with descriptions of the named scholarships here at United Theological Seminary.

Please read this information carefully prior to completing your application. Be sure to attach all requested documentation with your scholarship application. The designated scholarships listed here represent a small portion of the overall scholarship funds available. Most of the scholarships come from undesignated funds, so all students who meet the eligibility criteria are qualified to apply. The length of the scholarship award is usually for one academic year and is divided equally between Fall and Spring semesters.

  • ·March 1 each year for continuing students
  • ·July 1 for incoming Fall students
  • ·December 1 for incoming Spring students
Students must be enrolled in one of the following programs:

  • ·Master of Divinity
  • ·Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  • ·Master of Theological Studies
  • ·Basic Graduate Theological Studies
  • ·Pre-Doctoral Program
  • ·Doctor of Ministry

All students must complete the scholarship application by the deadline. In addition, new students must complete their admissions application by their program’s published deadline to be considered for a scholarship. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies, at least nine (9) hours per semester.

Students must maintain a good academic record. For entering students, no less than 2.5 GPA cumulative in undergraduate degree and/or previous graduate studies. (Some scholarships give preference to students with outstanding academic records.) Students on academic probation are not eligible to apply.

All students who receive United scholarships are expected to write letters of thanks and attend events to honor those who have contributed to the scholarship fund. Students are also encouraged to contribute to the life of the community by participating in activities such as student government and the Alumni/ae Phonathon.

This policy is effective for new students enrolling after the spring 2014 semester:
Acceptance of any institutional awards (scholarships, tuition waivers, or tuition discounts) will cause federal student loans award to be decreased by an amount equal to the scholarship award accepted. Whenever possible the federal student loan would be adjusted prior to the issuance of the financial aid award letter. In cases where the student declines the institutional scholarship award the loan amount will be adjusted accordingly.

United Scholarships
Reverend Ella Niswonger Scholarship
This award is available for new students who are certified candidates of the United Methodist Church. Applicants must be pursuing a Master of Divinity degree, Master of Arts in Christian Ministries degree, or the Basic Graduate Theological Studies certificate. Applicants must provide a letter of support from their conference demonstrating financial support. The Ella Niswonger Scholarship matches conference scholarship funding for a maximum of 12 credit hours per semester per year. Scholarship awards in combination with conference funding cannot exceed tuition fees per awarded students.

Army National Guard Scholarships
United is pleased to partner with the Army National Guard (ARNG)in offering five annual tuition scholarships for individuals who want to fulfill a call to ministerial service as a chaplain with the Army National Guard. In this partnership, the ARNG will cover one half of the students’ full-time tuition, and United will contribute 80% of that amount (up to $3,600 annually per student) toward the remainder of the recipients’ tuition costs.

The Herbert S. and Mary L. Beane Scholarship Fund (awards up to $7,000)
This award is available for students enrolled in the Master of Divinity degree program. Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

Bishop Christian Newcomer Academic Scholarship
The Bishop Christian Newcomer Academic Scholarship is named for the third bishop in the Church of the United Brethren in Christ. This scholarship provides 50 percent of tuition for qualifying candidates. Candidates must have a 3.0 in previous undergraduate or graduate course work, provide three references and write a 3-5 page essay on the following topic: At United Theological Seminary we have one goal: To educate dynamic, Spirit-led leaders who will renew the church for the mission of Jesus Christ in the world. How do you plan to renew the church for the mission of Jesus Christ in the world as a residential student and alumnus of United Theological Seminary? While multiple scholarships are available, this is an academic and competitive scholarship. This scholarship is based on academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Dayton-Stolle Scholarship Fund (awards up to $1,700)
This award was funded by the Ralph Stolle family and is designated for students preparing for ministry, with preferences to those from the Miami Valley District of the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church.

The Robert M. Daugherty Scholarship Fund (awards up to $2,000)
The income from this fund shall be provided to a student who wishes to pursue pastoral ministry, has at least a 2.5 GPA in undergraduate work, passing in all course work taken at United and who demonstrates financial need. The recipient may be in any year of their course of study and may receive the award for more than one year and up to, but not exceeding three years of study. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Epworth United Methodist Church Scholarship in honor of the Rev. Sharon West (awards up to $1,000)
This award was established in 2003 to honor the ministry of Rev. Sharon West. When fully funded, this award will assist students from West Virginia attending United Theological Seminary at the Dayton campus or West Virginia campus. The recipient is to serve in the West Virginia United Methodist Conference for at least three years upon completion of his/her degree. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Hammink Scholarship (awards up to $18,000)
The income of this scholarship shall be given annually to a person or persons enrolled in United Theological Seminary and preparing for ministry in the United Methodist Church. Applicants should write a 3-5 page essay on the Evangelical United Brethren Church’s influence on the United Methodist Church and the applicant’s ministry. This award is renewable for up to three years.

The Joseph H. Harris Memorial Student Scholarship Fund (awards up to $1,400)
The income from this fund shall be used for the Student Aid Program of the seminary to assist students who are in regular attendance at United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio and are members of the United Methodist Church. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The L. Ellen Hartman Hostetter Scholarship (awards up to $4,000)
This Fund was established to reflect the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ through pastoral counseling. To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must:

  • ·Have the personal gifts and graces essential for professional Christian ministry, this evaluation to be made by the Seminary Scholarship Committee;
  • ·Have financial need to continue their education in the field of pastoral counseling;
  • ·Submit a 750-word essay to the Seminary Scholarship Committee describing the role of pastoral counseling in their future ministry.

Funds may be used for tuition and related educational expenses as charged through United. The award is for a single year, however, students may reapply. Award selection will be made by a family representative. The Philadelphia Foundation administrates this fund.

This scholarship is generally not awarded until the end of the calendar year, but your essay and application must be received by the deadline.

The Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick Scholarship (awards up to $2,800)
The income from this fund will assist deserving seniors who have demonstrated high professional and academic achievement in the field of homiletics. The applicants will submit an original sermon that exemplifies his or her gifts to the scholarship committee, as well as a reference from one of United’s Homiletics professors.

The Caroline Kidder Fund (awards up to $2,800)
The income from this fund shall be used at the discretion of the Dean of the Seminary and was created to address concerns related to the preparation of women in ministry, social justice, equality and/or the rights of all persons as they seek expression in and through Christian ministry.

The Knecht Scholarship Fund (awards up to $1,800)
This award honors Dr. John R. Knecht, President Emeritus of United Theological Seminary and is designated to assist international students. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Lorenz-Showers Scholarship Fund (awards up to 1,000)
This award honors the memory of Edmund S. and Florence Kumler Lorenz, and J. Balmer Showers. It is designated for the assistance of students preparing for mission service at home or abroad. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry. Applicants need to submit an essay outlining a mission service plan for at home or for abroad.

The Robert and Marian Rae Student Scholarship Fund (awards up to $1,900)
This award is funded by Mr. and Mrs. Rae for general scholarship assistance. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Ronald P. Ricard Student Scholarship Fund (awards up to $2,500)
This scholarship is funded by Rev. Ronald P. Ricard for general scholarship assistance. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Peggy Roberts Scholarship (awards up to $1,500)
Income from the fund is to be awarded to a student in the M.Div. program who will serve the United Methodist Church. It may be awarded during any year of study. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Clifford D. Stearns Memorial Scholarship (awards up to $5,000)
This award, established in 1996 with a gift from Ms. Verna Stearns in memory of her husband’s ministry, is designated for a first-career student from West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church with demonstrated need and a commitment to pastoral ministry. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Paul E. Stuckey Ministerial Scholarship Fund (awards up to $5,000)
The fund, established by Dr. and Mrs. Stuckey and friends in celebration of his retirement, is awarded to a student from the West Ohio Conference who is pursuing a career in pastoral ministry. This award is based on need, academic merit and promise for pastoral ministry.

The Daryl Ward Scholarship Fund (awards up to $1,000)
This award was established to honor the ministry of The Rev. Dr. Daryl Ward, pastor of Omega Baptist Church and former President and Chief Operating Officer for United Theological Seminary. When fully funded, this award will be designated for a first-year student of Pan-African descent with a commitment to ministry within related contexts such as Black Church, Urban Ministry, Africa, Jamaica, etc. Applicants need to submit a 2 to 3 page essay explaining their ministry aims.

Pre-Doctoral Scholarship
Scholarship funds are available for the Pre-Doctoral program.  The Pre-Doctoral scholarship may be applied toward tuition for the core 24 graduate semesters hours in the Pre-Doctoral coursework referred to in the course catalog. Scholarship applications must be received by the published deadline and applicants must meet eligibility requirements for scholarships to be considered. Scholarship recipients are expected to enter the Doctor of Ministry program upon successful completion of the Pre-Doctoral program. All courses in the Pre-Doctoral Program must be successfully completed with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 to maintain the award and before a student may be admitted into the Doctor of Ministry program.

Application Process
1. Scholarship Application
Complete the Scholarship application on the United Applicant Portal. New students can apply during the admissions application process on the portal. Continuing students will be notified each year when the scholarship application for the upcoming academic year is available. All students who complete the FAFSA are eligible to apply for needs-based awards. All merit awards appear on the portal to apply based on the applicant’s qualifications.

2. Student Aid Application
Complete the FASFA form online at United’s school code is G03122.

3. Decisions

  • ·Award decisions will be made by the Scholarship Selection Committee.
  • ·All applicants will receive written notification of the outcome of their application.
  • ·The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.

4. Scholarship Acceptance Requirements
If a scholarship award is received, recipients must do the following to accept and maintain the award:

    • ·Sign and return their award letter by the written deadline on their award letter
    • ·Demonstrate appreciation by writing a letter of gratitude to the scholarship benefactor by the add/drop date
    • ·Register for a full time course load (Masters and Pre-Doctoral: 9 or more credit hours; Doctor of Ministry: Phase 1-6)
    • ·Volunteer for the fall Alumni/ae Phon-a-thon and/or the spring Donor Thank-a-thon
    • ·Attendance to the Scholarship Banquet is encouraged
Additional Scholarship Sources

United Methodist Scholarships

FTE Fund Finders

Jerome United Methodist Church Scholarship Application

Jerome Scholarship

Military Scholarship Options

U.S. Air Force Reserve Chaplain Candidate Program
Scholarship resources for Chaplain Candidates. Contact Air Force Reserve at 800.525.0102.

U.S. Army Reserve Tuition Assistance
Scholarship resources for Chaplains and Chaplain Training Program. Contact the Senior Army Chaplain Recruiter at 800.223.3735.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
For sons/daughters of current or former Marine or Marine Reservists. Deadline is March 1st. Contact 866.496.5462

Denomination-Specific Scholarship Sources


American Baptist Churches Financial Aid Program
Scholarship/grants for students who are members of American Baptist Churches. Contact 800.ABC.3USA x2067 or write to Financial Aid Office, National Ministries, American Baptist Churches
USA, PO Box 851
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851.
More information

Northern Baptist Education Society
American Baptist USA Scholarship source for ABC students from Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont. Contact 508.693.1539 or write to:
Northern Baptist Education Society,
PO Box 395
East Falmouth, MA 02536.0395.

CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Disciples of Christ)
Disciples Home Mission
For members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Several scholarship sources. Deadline is March 15th. Contact 317.713.2652
More information

UCC Scholarship for Seminarians and other financial aid resources for members of United Church of Christ congregations.
More information

The Calvary Foundation
Scholarships for students who show good moral character, academic promise and financial need. Write to the Calvary Foundation,
Calvary United Methodist Church
2315 South Grant Street, Arlington, VA 22202.
More information

Harding Foundation
Preference to United Methodist Church members. Write to Harding Foundation
PO Box 130
Raymondville, TX 78580.

Laura Hofford Trust
Must be a male member of the United Methodist Church. Deadline is January 30th. Contact 212.870.3662 or write to Associate General Secretary
Mission Personnel Resources Program
Department 475 Riverside Drive Room 1470
New York NY 100115.

Mount Olivet Foundation
Preference is given to individuals connected to Mount Olivet United Methodist Church, to the United Methodist Church, to individuals from Arlington, Northern Virginia, or the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Deadlines are the 15th of January, April, July and October. Contact 703.534.7359 or write to
The Mount Olivet Foundation
1500 N. Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22207.
More information

Name of Scholarship
$ Award Amount
Baptist Communicators Association Scholarships Baptist Communicators Association March-14 $500-$1000 $1000 scholarship for Undergraduate student, $500 scholarship for Graduate student, and $1000 scholarship for an Undergraduate student of minority ethnicity or international origin. Students must have vocational plans in Religious communications.
Ohio Baptist Education Society Scholarship American Baptist April-14 Varies Write to Ohio Baptist Education Society Scholarship 647 South Diamond St. Mansfield OH 44907
Logos Logos Bible Software October-14 1,000.00 Tuition Scholarship + Logos Bronzes Library which containsÊ over 420 titles which in print would cost over $8,000.00 The Logos Bible Software Seminary Scholarship is open to all students currently enrolled in an accredited theological seminary located in North America, or those who plan on enrolling within the next 8 months.Ê The scholarship is a one-time scholarship and is awarded to a different student every quarter.
African Methodist Episcopal Church African Methodist EpiscopalÊ Varies Varies The funds for this scholarship will be administered by the Connectional Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
Acton Institute Acton Institute Fall Term Fellowships and grants do not exceed $3,000, but typically range from $500-$1,000 To apply for an FTE North American Doctoral Fellowship, you must be a member of a racial or ethnic group that is traditionally underrepresented in graduate education.
Dempster Graduate Fellowship Award United Methodist Church 11/1/14 Fellowships up to $10,000 The fellowships are open only to members of The United Methodist Church who plan to teach in seminaries, or teach one of the theological disciplines (Bible,ÊchurchÊhistory, theology, ethics and the arts ofÊministry) in universities or colleges. Êthe applicant must haveÊreceivedÊthe M.Div degree or its equivalent from one of the United Methodist seminaries , or be in a Ph.D program or its equivalent at a university affiliated with a United Methodist
Hall Missions Scholarship First Baptist Church 21-Feb $1,000 Available to undergraduate and graduate students: Applicants must be planning a career in missions, and demonstrate
Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder Foundation Scholarship Harold B. and Dorothy A. Snyder Foundation March-14 Varies Applicants must be studying for pastoral ministry (M.Div.) and US Citizen
The Charles Wesley Essay Prize The Charles Wesley Society May-14 Varies Applicants must write a 25 page essay on the life, work, or hyms
Written requests may be sent to Ms. Lori Nichols at: William A. Heath Educational Fund, Barnett Bank. N.A., PO Box 40200, Jacksonville, FL 32203. Requests should include a letter of introduction expressing your educational goals, extracurricular interests, church activities, a brief description of your personality, your religious denomination, a copy of your high school and college transcripts, a copy of your birth certificate, and a letter of recommendation from your pastor or professor. William A. Heath Educational Fund June-14 Varies Scholarships are available to male seminary students who are under 35 years of age. Applicants must be studying for ministry, or preparing for the mission field. Applicants must have graduated from a high school in one of the following states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, or West Virginia. Preference is given to Methodist and Episcopalian applicants
Mary E. Bivins Foundation Ministry Scholarship Program Mary E. Bivins Foundation Contact foundation in January for details up to $3,500 Scholarships are provided for an undergraduate or graduate education leading to a Bachelors or Masters Degree in a field that prepares the student to preach the Christian
Roothbert Fund Scholarship The Roothbert Fund Must request application by January 31st each year. $2000 Ð $3000 While the Fund does not emphasize any particular form of religious practice or worship, it seeks to provide support to persons motivated by spiritual values.
Seminary Scholarship Application Minnesota Annual Conference Annually Ê Ê Ê ÊÊ5,000 for a student attending a United Methodist seminary; 3,000 for a student attending an approved seminary outside the boundaries of Minnesota Evidence of financial need from seminary financial aid office Evidence of registation and status of enrollment
Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC) Islamic Development Bank Varies full tuition, medical and vision insurance, a monthly allowance, and miscellaneous college expenses Objective is to provide educational opportunities for young Muslim students from Muslim communities in non-member countries to pursue undergraduate or first-degree study in a university and to train them in specific fields in order to improve their socio-economic conditions
J. Milton Richardson Theological Fellowship (Graduate Scholarship) Alpha Tau Omega Foundation Varies Varies The scholarship is awarded to an ATO who plans to attend or is enrolled in an accredited graduate school in theology or the seminary, and who intends to become a member of the clergy.
United Jewish FederationÕs Central Scholarship and Loan Referral Service (CSLRS) The Central Scholarship & Loan Referral Service (CSLRS) of the United Jewish Federation February 4- -Varies Any Jewish high school senior, college or graduate student in the greater Pittsburgh area with financial need is eligible to apply
UCC Scholarships for SeminariansÊ United Church of Christ Varies Up to $10,000 annually for students seeking pastoral degrees Many scholarships made available by supporting the education and training of those preparing for ministry.
Iowa Annual Conference Iowa Annual Conference Varies Varies Iowa as the home conference or is a resident of Iowa
Bishop Charles P. Greco Knights of Columbus 1-May $2000 annually not to exceed $500 per term The Knights of Columbus awards Bishop Charles P. Greco Graduate Fellowships annually to U.S. students enrolled in a full-time masterÕs degree program designed for teachers of people with intellectual disabilities.
William and Alice Brown endowment The American Bible Society 1-May $3,000 Scholarships for Education, Medical and Seminary Students
E.C. BOUEY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP INTERNATIONAL MINISTERS WIVES AND WIDOWS ASSOCIATION Varies Varies Scholarship is intended for college undergraduates who are studying or plan to study theology. Must be recommended by the wife of a minister or equivalent of your denomination. Any religion affiliation is acceptable.
WOMENÕS MISSIONARY UNION Scholarships WomenÕs Missionary Union Varies Varies WMU offers a number of scholarships to women or children of women missionaries and clergy. The foundation seeks to advance the support of Christian values through charity, educating and missionary work.
Bernardin Scholars Program Catholic Theological Union varies full tuition scholarship Students must be accepted in the Masters of Arts in Theology or the Ecumenical Doctor of Ministry degree programs at Catholic Theological Union (CTU).
Romero Scholars Programs Catholic Theological Union varies varies offers Hispanic men and women a full tuition scholarship for a professional graduate degree that prepares them to minister in the Archdiocese of Chicago.
Tolton Scholars Program Catholic Theological Union varies full tuition scholarship Offers Black Catholic women and men a full tuition scholarship for a professional graduate theology degree that prepares them to minister in the Archdiocese of Chicago
Calihan Academic Fellowship Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 31-Oct up to $3000 Awards are open to seminarians or graduate students in theology, philosophy, religion, economics, or in related fields.
Novak Award Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 1-Dec $10,000 Scholars who have received a doctorate from an accredited domestic or international program in the previous five calendar years. Current doctoral candidates in the process of completing their dissertations are also eligible.
Jewish Community Centers of North America Graduate Scholarship ProgramÊ Jewish Community Centers of North America Varies up to $10,000 This is a graduate program offered by the Jewish Community Centers, where you agree to work for them after graduation for two years to be eligible for this award. For full time students the award is for $10,000, part time students employed by JCC are eligible for $3000.
Scholarships from the Center for Jewish Studies The George L. Mosse and Laurence A. Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies (University of Wisconsin Madison) 27-Mar Up to $3000 For those obtaining a degree in Jewish Studies