The Registrar’s Office services a full range of academic needs for students, faculty and alumni/ae as the keeper of academic records:

• Maintains academic records and transcripts of current students and alumni/ae
• Coordinates course registration
• Assigns classrooms
• Performs degree audits
• Provides enrollment and graduation verifications
• Supplies information to government agencies and external organizations

Q: How do I change my schedule?
A: Obtain a Course Change Record form from the Registrar’s Office or the Receptionist. Complete the form, have your advisor sign it and submit it to the Registrar for processing.
Q: How do I request an Incomplete?
A: At least one week before the end of the course, obtain an Incomplete Grade form from the Registrar’s Office. Take the form to the course professor for completion. Once the professor signs the form, take it to your advisor and the Academic Dean. When all three signatures are obtained, submit the form to the Registrar for processing.
Q: How do I process an In-School Deferment Form or Enrollment Verification Request?
A: All enrollment verifications can be completed through the Financial Aid Office. Fax, e-mail or mail the ISD Form, and the Director of Financial Aid will return it to the third party, if listed. Send letter requirements to the Director of Financial Aid for completion.

In-School Deferment Form Download

Q: I am eligible for veteran’s and/or active-duty military benefits – what do I do?
A: Notify the Registrar including a Certificate of Eligibility.

Registrar Forms

Academic forms available in the Registrar’s Office are posted here for you to complete.

  • Students who wish to add or drop courses must complete the action via the Student Portal

    Students who wish to add or drop courses must complete and submit a Course Change Record form to the Registrar’s office.

  • Directed Study Request Form

    Upper class students may negotiate with full-time faculty to take a Directed Study. A Directed Study will not ordinarily be provided for courses listed in the catalog and will not be approved for introductory work. No more than one Directed Study may be taken in a term. Approval must be secured from the student’s advisor and the Academic Dean. Authorization forms must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.

    Masters Form

  • Intent to Graduate Form

    If you are planning to graduate during 2018 Spring Commencement, your Intent to Graduate form must be submitted by October 15, 2018. If you are not planning on attending the ceremony, you must contact Dr. David Watson, Academic Dean for In Absentia approval.

    Masters Form

    Doctoral Form

    Transcript Request

    Requests for transcripts must be made in writing and be signed and dated by the student.

    Transcript Request Form

    Pay Online

  • Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment)
    Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment), students have the right to inspect and review their educational records held by the seminary and to request correction of any inaccurate data. United will disclose student information only to those who are authorized and have legitimate need for such information. No records will be released without a written and signed request from the student. No third party requests will be honored without a signed waiver. For further information and assistance, contact the Registrar’s Office.