Online Program Admission Requirements

Online seminary program admission requirements are different depending on if you are a degree-seeking student or if you are a non-degree graduate student.

Want to know admissions requirements
for degree-seeking students?

Degree Student

Want to know admissions requirements
for non-degree students?

Non-Degree Student

Degree-Seeking Student

A degree-seeking student chooses one of United’s Masters degree programs and takes classes that apply to that program. If you think you may want to work toward a Masters degree, you should declare it as soon as possible so that you begin taking the appropriate classes.

The D.Min. courses are not currently online. However D.Min. students can take individual online classes in addition to the classes required for the D.Min. program. To take an online class as a D.Min. student, the requirements and process would be the same as non-degree seeking student.

Non-Degree Seeking Student

A non-degree graduate student takes classes without declaring a degree.