M.Div. Concentrations

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Because some students may wish to specialize their degree studies in specific fields, United’s M.Div. curriculum provides options for academic concentrations. These include Church Renewal, Care Giving and Wesleyan-Methodist Studies.

Students interested in a concentration are encouraged to discuss their interests and needs with their advisors, who can provide the appropriate degree plans.

M.Div. with Church Renewal Concentration
Students in this program learn not only from our full-time faculty, but from clergy who have been leaders in renewal at the local-church level. United’s Church Renewal Concentration now has two tracks or emphases:

Leadership Emphasis: The church needs dynamic, well-equipped leaders. At United Theological Seminary, our goal is to produce such leaders in service to Jesus Christ. This emphasis will enable students to provide leadership in a variety of areas related to the renewal of the church, including the renewal of worship, missions and evangelism, Christian initiation and formation, and media communications in an increasingly digital culture and world.

NEW! Emphasis in Global Charismatic Studies: This emphasis was created to meet the growing demand in theological education for instruction in Pentecostal, Charismatic and Renewal studies. Pentecostals and Charismatics comprise the fastest growing and largest Protestant constituency in the world. Its influence extends into mainline and evangelical Protestantism around the globe.

This new emphasis will meet a three-fold need:
1. To study the phenomenal growth of this global movement so we can understand and learn from it.
2. To provide students with sound theological, biblical and historical foundations for understanding this amazing movement of the Spirit.
3. To instruct in the implementation of sound Spirit-filled practices for the salvation of the world and the health and growth of the Church.

Students will choose 9 hours of courses from the following: Holiness, Pentecostal and Charismatic Renewal Movements; Foundations for Church Renewal; Charismatic Renewal Theology; Global Christian Renewal; and Charismatic Ministry and Practices.

M.Div. with Care Giving Concentration
The Care Giving concentration provides a theological foundation for pastoral care giving ministry and incorporates human science theory and practical skills training appropriate for pastoral assessment and intervention.
M.Div. Concentration in Wesleyan and Methodist Studies
The M.Div. concentration in Wesleyan and Methodist Studies is designed for students who wish to go deeper in learning about the resources of this rich theological heritage. Students may engage with Wesley’s sermons and other writings, Wesleyan hymns, the EUB Heritage of the UMC, practices of Methodist class meetings, and movements centered around holiness and sanctification.

For the M.Div. with Wesleyan-Methodist Studies Concentration students may select any course focused within the Wesleyan tradition including but not limited to the list below:

Wesleyan-Methodist Studies Electives (9 sem. hrs.)

CH519 Methodists, Evangelicals, United Brethren and Women’s Ordination

CH603 John Wesley Seminar

CH605 Pietism

CH610 Evangelical United Brethren Seminar

CR515 Holiness, Pentecostal and Charismatic Renewal Movements

DN509 United Methodist General Conference

ST638 Wesleyan Theology

PW510 United Methodist Worship*

Electives (12 sem. hrs.)

These courses are chosen by the student in consultation with her or his advisor. Students may wish to use these electives for courses required by their denomination.

*Courses used to fulfill M.Div. requirements will not also count as Church Renewal Concentration electives.