Housing Opportunity

Ministry House at Sulphur Grove UMC
Ministry House is a ministry of Sulphur Grove United Methodist Church and is a 20-minute drive from the seminary. The house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and dining room, a living room with a stage, a two-car garage, and a spacious backyard. This house is perfect for ministry, worship services, hospitality, and spiritual formation. The house holds 4-6 people, comes furnished and is available to students of United Theological Seminary for $315 per month.
For more information, contact studentlife@united.edu.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Ministry House located?
Ministry House is a new-monastic community, located in Huber Heights, OH; a 20-minute drive from United Theological Seminary. It is a ministry of Sulphur Grove UMC, in partnership with Aldersgate UMC and United.

How is Ministry House related to my seminary education?
Ministry House can be your contextual ministry placement in the required classes of Formation and Integration.

How long can I live in Ministry House?
You are encouraged to stay in Ministry House as long as you are called to live in intentional community.

Is Ministry House handicap accessible?
Yes! Ministry House is a single-story, spacious, handicap accessible house.

Is Ministry House Co-Ed?
Yes! Ministry House is available to both single and married men and women (without children).

Will I have my own room?
It depends. Single rooms and “bunking rooms” are available for occupancy. The house has a capacity to hold 4-6 people.

Will Ministry House be furnished?
The house will be furnished, but you are allowed to bring your own furniture for your room. If you need assistance, we will discuss this in your Ministry House interview.

How much does it cost to live in Ministry House?
Rent for Ministry House is currently set at $315 per month. Specific questions concerning cost can be directed to Student Life, who will put you in contact with the Director of Ministry House.

What are my responsibilities as part of Ministry House?
As part of Ministry House, you and your housemates will establish a Rule of Life*, which includes a commitment to corporate prayer times, mutual accountability, worship attendance, neighborhood ministry, a chore rotation, the sharing of resources, and a respect for house rules.

Are pets allowed?
To respect those who may have allergies, there is a no pet policy. However, fish tanks are acceptable.

Where can I get more information on New Monasticism?
There are several ways you can access information on New Monasticism.
A few websites include:
Christianity Today

Books include:
Longing for Spring by Elaine Heath and Scott Kisker
The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne
You can also find several other resources at:
Wipf and Stock Publications

How do I get into Ministry House?
Contact studentlife@united.edu. You will be put in touch with Ministry House director, Jimmy Mallory. You will then submit an application with a resume, and be contacted for an interview (which includes a basic background check).