Financial Aid and Business Office FAQ


Financial Aid FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about Financial Aid:

What paperwork do I need to receive financial aid?

Complete the FAFSA online; complete all office. An Award Notification will be sent after this process. See the Financial Aid web page for details.

What is the process for me to receive a loan?

All required paperwork must be submitted before the loan process begins. First time borrowers will fill out a Master promissory note (MPN) and loan amount request form. You can complete the MPN at Returning borrowers need only to complete the loan request form. Copies are sent to the student for their records. The Business Office is informed of all students with loans/loan amounts.

I want to do Work Study, what is the process?

Complete a FAFSA and work study paperwork. The Financial Aid Office will contact you about your interest. Placements are both on campus (370 hours) and off campus (550 hours). The work load varies from 10 to 20 hours per week. Paychecks are received every two weeks in the Business Office.

I have applied to the D.Min. program and have been accepted. I need financial aid. What is available?

D.Min. students are not eligible for tuition aid grants. They must complete the financial aid process to qualify for a loan. Their loan status is checked before the loan is certified and mailed out. Students are e-mailed copies of all paperwork. The Business Office receives a roster with all information/loan amounts.

How do I process an In-School Deferment Form or Enrollment Verification Request?

All enrollment verifications can be completed through the Registrar’s Office. Mail, email or fax the ISD Form to the Registrar’s Office, and the Registrar will return it to the third party, if listed. Send letter requirements to the Registrar for completion. The Registrar’s fax number is 858.712.3601 and the email is

Business Office FAQ

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Business Office information:

May I make payment arrangements other than those included in the letter with the registration invoice?

Under certain circumstances alternative arrangements may be made. Make an appointment to see the business office manager.

As an active armed services member, whom do I see about the billing of my tuition invoice?

Tuition charges are billed by the business office manager.

My company is paying my tuition. How do I complete registration?

Bring the company form to the business office manager along with your registration form. The manager will bill the company for the tuition and fees and you will fill out a financial responsibility form in case payment is denied.

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