FAQ about International Student Programs

*This school is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.

Application Process
How do I apply?
Apply Now
International applicants can apply for spring and fall semesters.
International applicants must complete their application by the following deadlines:
Fall semester: March 15
Spring semester: August 30

All application materials, including transcript evaluation from World Education Services (see “How do I submit official transcripts?”), must be received by the following dates:
Fall semester: March 15
Spring semester: August 30

Essay 1 should be 2 pages double-spaced.

Essay 2 should be 1 page double-spaced.

Content must be original. Also, cite outside sources if used to write your essays. Applicants who plagiarize will be not considered for admission.

Plagiarism- the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

  • Transcripts from outside of the U.S.: International applicants must apply for transcript evaluation at WES.org. You will need to submit your transcripts to World Education Services for an official evaluation. This enables United’s Admissions Office to evaluate your transcripts on the same level as U.S. accredited institutions. Below is a link to the World Education Services: www.wes.orgSimply set up an account with WES and be sure to have a copy of your evaluation sent to United Theological Seminary, Dayton Ohio.Fill out the application and follow the directions for sending your transcripts directly to WES.
  • WES Basic Evaluation – Course by Course $160
    Standard Delivery $7
    Additional report for United Theological Seminary $37
    Please log in and begin this process immediately. It may take up to a month for WES to receive your documents if you start today.Transcripts from U.S.: International applicants’ official transcripts must be sent directly to the United Theological Seminary Admissions Office.
Yes, all international applicants are required to submit a TOEFL SCORE.
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Recent TOEFL score of 550 for paper-based tests, 213 for computer-based tests or 79 for internet-based tests for master’s degree students and 570 for paper-based tests, 230 for computer-based tests or 88 for internet-based tests for doctoral degree students. The score needs to be reported by the testing agency on an original document.

What is United Theological Seminary’s Institutional TOEFL code?
United’s institutional code is 1828.

Can I waive the TOEFL requirement?

  • If English is the official language in your home country you many request a TOEFL waiver.
  • If you earned a master’s degree or bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or seminary located in the U.S. you may request a TOEFL waiver.
  • Request the Waiver of TOEFL for International Applicants
  • We require TOEFL scores of 550 for paper-based tests, 213 for computer-based tests or 79 for internet-based tests for masters programs and 570 for paper-based tests, 230 for computer-based tests or 88 for internet-based tests for doctoral programs.

What if my TOEFL’s score is too low?
You can apply to an Intensive English Program (IEP) at an institution that offers this program and retake the TOEFL and submit new scores.

International applicants can apply for scholarships. Through the applicant portal you must complete the scholarship application and submit all requested documents by March 1 for fall semester or December 1 for spring semester.

Continuing students must submit the scholarship application by March 1 to be considered for the following academic year.

Outside Funding Sources

Abroad Planet Scholarship Resources
Online community of international students studying in the United States

Free online scholarship search service

International Education Financial Aid
Free online scholarship search service designed for international students

International Scholarships
Free online scholarship database for international students wishing to study worldwide

Mobility International USA
Free online scholarship resource for non–U.S. citizens with disabilities

  • M.Div. With an F-1 visa or I-20 (Canadian), students may travel to the U.S. for intensives and combine with 1 online class per semester. For example, attend 2 intensives plus 1 online course. International visa students may only take 1 online class per semester.
  • M.T.S. The M.T.S. program is available completely online and does not require a student visa.
  • M.A.C.M. See M.Div.
  • D. Min Requires F-1 visa to attend intensives and focus groups.
Additional Requirements
If admitted, you must log on to the applicant portal to confirm admission by submitting your Letter of Intent (LOI)

What types of student visa are available?
Once you plan to enroll, United will provide an I -20 for F-1 visa students (distance learners and for those who do not require work or more than one year of academic training) and a DS-2019 for J-1 visa students (for residential students and those that require work or more than one year of academic training).

F-1 visa holders must wait one year before working off-campus. Work is limited to 12 months. F-2 visa holders are not permitted to work.

J-1 students may work either on or off campus upon arriving in the U.S. J-2 visa holders are permitted to work after obtaining employment authorization.

More Information

Do I need to have health insurance?
Only J-1 international students are required to purchase health insurance. However, United suggests that all international students purchase health insurance.

How do I apply for my F-1 visa or J1 visa?
After international applicants receive their I-20 or DS-2019 FORM and have paid the SEVIS fee www.ice.gov, they can apply for an F-1 VISA OR J-1 VISA through the embassy.

What are the tuition/living expenses for the masters program?
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What are the tuition/living expenses for the doctoral program?
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Where will I live when I enroll at United?
Dorms are not available at United but there are apartments for rent on the bus route close to United’s campus.
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International Applicants Check list
International Applicants Check list

Request for the Waiver of TOEFL for International Applicants

*Evidence of adequate financial resources for school and living expenses including copies of bank statements and signed support letters from sponsoring organizations and individuals. Please note: If you are relying on tuition assistance and help with living expenses, please indicate this on the form.

*Proof of health insurance for you and your dependents (J-1 program only. See requirements on separate sheet enclosed).Must be purchased upon arrival in the U.S.