Conference Forms

Upper New York Annual Conference 2014
Northwest Texas Annual Conference 2014

Indiana Annual Conference 2014
Detroit Annual Conference 2014
Holston Annual Conference 2014
Kentucky Annual Conference 2014
Western PA Annual Conference 2014
Western Michigan Annual Conference 2014
West Virginia 2014 Annual Conference
Desert Southwest Annual Conference 2014
2014 Christian Educators Fellowship National Conference
UM Clergywomen Leadership Seminary
Christian Educators Fellowship National Conference
NCMA 50th Anniversary
Martin University Visit
Charles E. Booth Preaching Conference 2014
100th Annual Hampton University Ministers Conference
Hampton University Ministers Conference
National Conference Preaching 2014
Southwest Texas Annual Conference
21st Annual Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship
Light The Fire! 2014
Wisconsin 2014 Annual Conference
Aldersgate 2014
KCM Believers Conference 2014
Voice Apostles 2014
Red Letter Christian Banner Ad
LCI – Continum Large Church Initiative
Baltimore Washington 2014 Annual Conference
Dakotas 2014 Annual Conference
Eastern PA 2014 Annual Conference
Illinois Greater Rivers Annual Conference
Iowa 2014 Annual Conference
Memphis 2014 Annual Conference
Northern Illinois 2014 Annual Conference
Great Plains 2014 Annual Conference
North Texas 2014 Annual Conference
West Ohio 2014 Annual Conference
Oregon-Idaho 2014 Annual Conference
Peninsula-Delaware 2014 Annual Conference
Virginia 2014 Annual Conference
National Baptist Congress
Minnesota Annual Conference 2014
Church Visits
GAC Women’s Conference 2014
Ebenezer AME Womens Conference 2014
10th District AME CE 2014
5th District AME CE 2014
CME Conference 2014
Susquehana PA Annual Conference
Florida Annual Conference 2014
Texas Annual Conference 2014
2014 Tennessee Annual Conference
DOC Womens Quadrennial Assembly 2014
AME Zion Congress of Christian Education 2014
National Baptist Convention
Cutting It Straight
Progressive National Baptist Convention
E K Bailey Conference 2014
Mission U – UMW Conference
3rd Annual FUSE Conference
Lindsey Willson Career & Graduate School Fair 2014
AUCC Graduate Fair – 2014
Aldersgate MSSM 3- 2014
United Methodist Black Clergy Women
Lee University
AME 5th District of So. California Annual Conference
AME 7th District South Carolina Annual Conference
AME First District Minister’s Retreat 2014
National Youth Workers Conference 2014
2014 Fall Seminary Caravan
West Virginia Clergy School 2014
REACH Gathering Conference
AME East Annual Conference- 2014
Berea College Fair
College visits to Tex and Ark
Kingdom Connection Fellowship
Campus Visits to Florida
Campus Visits in Alabama
Seventh-day Adventist PELC Conference 2014
Campus Visits to Louisiana 2014
Church Growth AME 2015
Mid Winter Board Meeting NBC 2015
Garnett ABC 2015
Congress NBC 2015
PNBC 2015
Convention NBC 2015
Phillips School of Theolgy Anual Pastors Conference – 2015
Convocation for Pastors of Black Churches – 2015
PNBC Mid Winter Board Meeting
Kentucky Preachers Conference 2015
Indiana Annual Conference 2015
Detroit Annual Conference 2015
Eastern PA Annual Conference 2015
Memphis Annual Conference 2015
West Michigan Annual Conference 2015
Iowa Annual Conference 2015
West Ohio Annual Conference 2015
Holston Annual Conference 2015
Tennessee Annual Conference
Kentucky Annual Conference 2015
Florida Annual Conference 2015
Western PA Annual Conference 2015
Illinois Great River Annual Conference 2015
West Virginia Annual Conference 2015
Northern Illinois Annual Conference 2015
East Ohio Annual Conference 2015
Gods Callings Selinsgrove 2015
Our Life Together 2015
Aldersgate MSSM
Samuel DeWitt Proctor 2015
Atlanta Empower Conference
AME 7th District Mid Year Convocation 2015
AME 5th District Mid Year Convocation 2015
CL Franklin Preachers Conference 2015
NBEA Chicago
12th District AME Holy Con
BMCR – Black Methodist for Church Renewal – 2015
United Day 2015
Voice of the Prophets 2015
AME 2nd District Mid Year Convocation 2015
Ebenezer AME Women’s Conference 2015
Charles Booth Preaching Conference 2015
National Conference on Preaching 2015
Shreveport Baptist Conference
EK Bailey Conference
AME Z Indy
AME Z Orlando
Shepherds Tents Conference
Hampton’s Minister’s Conference 2015
AME 7th District Leadership Congress 2015
Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Conference 2015
Global United Fellowship
Aldersgate 2015
East/West Ohio Candidacy Summit
2015 Black Clergy Women’s Annual Conference
Women In Ministry Conference 2015
NEJ Leadership
Lindsey Wilson Career Fair
CME Conference 2015
Voice of the Apostles August 2015
National Baptist Convention 2015
American Baptist Churches of Ohio
BSC Theo. Ed. Dinner
Samford’s University Seminary Day
Academy of Preachers
National Festival of Young Preachers
North Carolina Campus Visit 2015
Berean Church Pastors and Leaders Conference 2015
AME 1st District Ministers Retreat 2015
28th Annual Sinclair Community College Safety Awarenees Expo
West Virginia Clergy School
Ohio State Convention
College Visit Penn
College Visit Furman
College Visit Kentucky
United Day New Jersey 2015
Global Awakening Pastors Retreat 2015
Claflin University Graduate Day 2015
AME 10th District Leadership Conference 2015
AME 5th Episcopal District 2015
Sothern California 5th District AME Conference
2015 Bishops Retreat with Black Clergy
AME 7th District Post Convocation Institute 2015
Global United Fellowship Pastors and Leaders Summit 2015
United Theological Seminary Holy Spirit Conference
Phillips School of Theology CME 2016
Academy of Young Preachers 2016
Mid Winter Board Meeting NBC 2016
Prairie View Preachers Conference 2016
Kentucky Preachers Conference 2016
Orientation to Ministry Grove City 2016
AME 5th District
Aldersgate Conference
School of Congregational Development 2016
Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference 2016
Aldersgate/Arm Intensive
Our Life Together 2016
Shaw University Conference 43rd Alexander/Pegues Ministers Conference
Black Methodist For Church Renewal 2016 (BMCR)
Central State University Career Fair
The Church As A Multi-Cultural Sports Team (MCST)
Reach Gathering 2016
United Methodist General Conference 2016
Charles E Booth 6th Annual Preaching Conference
Hampton’s Minister Conference
Global United Fellowship (GUF)
Global United Methodist Clergy Women Gathering
AME Z Preachers Institute 2016
Little Rock 12 District Holy Convention
The Voice of a Prophet The Final Chapter
United Methodist Candidacy Summit – West/East Ohio
Colleges Visits Ohio 2016
Florida Campus Visits 2016
GAC AME Women’s Conference 2016
Voice of the Prophets 2016
Tennessee Campus Visits- 2016
IC3 – Issachar Conference
Michigan College Visits (Adrian & Albion College)
PNBC Regional Meeting 2016
AME-St. Louis
AME 2nd District Washington Conference 2016
AME Bicentennial 2016 General Conference
California Pacific Annual Conference 2016
Detroit 2016 Annual Conference
East Ohio Annual Conference 2016
Eastern PA 2016 Annual Conference
EK Bailey Conference 2016
Florida Annual Conference 2016
Indiana 2016 Annual Conference
Kentucky 2016 Annual Conference
Memphis 2016 Annual Conference
Northern Illinois Annual Conference 2016
Tennessee 2016 Annual Conference
Upper New York Annual Conference 2016
West Virginia Annual Conference 2016
Western PA 2016 Annual Conference
Holston Annual Conference 2016
West Ohio Annual Conference 2016
Full Gospel 2016
AME 12th District Holy Convocation 2016
Change The World Conference 2016
University Visits Indiana-DePauw, Evansville and Indianapolis
University Visits Kentucky- Kentucky State, Kentucky Wesleyan, Lindsey Wilson an
Progressive Baptist 2016
Global United Fellowship 2016
Emerge Conference 2016
Korean World Mission Council for Christ
Korean University Visit
Global Awakening Cultivate Revival Orlando 2016
AME 7th District Leadership Congress 2016
Gateway Church Reach 2016
East and West Ohio Candidacy Summit 2016
School of Congregational Development 2016
United Methodist 2016 Fall Caravan
Theological Education Day Furman University
University of Evansville Graduate Fair
Lindsey Wilson Career Fair 2016
Ohio Exploration
Global United Methodist Clergywomen and World United Methodist Conference
Marcha Puerto Rico 2016
Claflin University Graduate Fair 2016
Bishops Retreat with Black Clergy 2016
Quadrennial Training 2016
Convocation for Pastor of Black Churches 2017
Allen Chapel AME Church 117th Session
Wesleyan Covenant Association 2016
Isaac’s 10th Year Gala Artfest
Voice of the Apostles 2016
Kingdom Connection Conference 2016
Hope College Seminary Day
AME 11th District Jacksonville 2016
5th Annual Holy Spirit Seminar