The Lott Carey Scholars


Global Pastoral Ministry: Dr. David Goatley

The Doctor of Ministry in Global Pastoral Ministry helps pastoral leaders to expand their visions of and deepen their impacts in pastoral life and work.  The methodology employed to achieve these goals are research, dialogue, writing, and project design and implementation, and international learning immersions.

The local congregation is part of the global church.  Pastoral leaders will have greater impact when their local contexts are informed by global contexts. The inter-contextuality of the two enriches the life and work of pastoral leaders.

The international transcultural immersion trips are a distinguishing and critical component to the methodology of this program. Pastoral scholars will serve with and learn from pastoral colleagues and church communities in Guyanese and Jamaican cultural contexts. Service, reflection, didactic workgroups, journaling, and sabbaticals of silence will take place during international learning reflections. Scholars will move from their settings of orientation through the disorientation experienced in these settings toward new orientations of pastoral life and work.  Successful completion of this journey will facilitate pastoral leaders to expand visions, deepen impacts, and build networks of accountability and support.

This group will include two international transcultural immersion trips to Guyana and Jamaica which are included in the total tuition.