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There is a design of the heart that is shaped toward giving. In this Annual Report, you will find a listing of those whose hearts have a design that has called on each of them to give to the work of United’s ministry of preparing men and women for Christian service. Behind every gift is a story and each story reflects an encounter with the Holy Spirit’s invitation to holy and sacred living.

A seminary is a hybrid community where the Church’s mission is taught and its future leaders are engaged by gifted faculty, using dynamic models of education within the academic pattern. We are educating and preparing church leaders to reverse the trends of Church decline and become a spark that ignites the ministries of faithful churches across the globe. This makes a seminary one of the most exciting and spiritually alive environments found in our world.

Our community has been blessed with the gifts of many who faithfully support United because it represents a hope for the future of the Church that engages and strengthens the work of the Holy Spirit in the world. Many of our donors have never attended a seminary class and most have not visited our new campus. However, we find an increasing number of persons supporting United because they have benefited from excellent pastoral leadership in their churches, and their communities are positively affected by the good work of United’s alumni/ae.

As a seminary student at United, I took a class that still echoes for me today entitled “The Theology of Human Nature.” In one of his early lectures, Dr. Joseph Goetz taught us about the “Imago Dei,” the image of God. He ended his lecture, then looked at us and asked, “Do you see the image of God in yourselves—and equally do you see the image of God in others?”

The people who support United are more than listed names. We are grateful for the faithful “images of God” that each person represents. In those who support us, we see God’s image reflected and we work in sacred and holy ways to be the “Imago Dei” to the world. Through you
and the gifts you provide, we work jointly to bring the “image of God” into a renewed Church.

We give thanks for you and for your generous offerings to United, “renewing the Church for the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.”