Preaching Prophetically in a Postmodern Culture: Communicating with Contemporary Audiences


Dr. William Curtis and Dr. Gina Stewart

Postmoderns do not “know” life like moderns “knew” the world.  In postmodern culture, knowing proceeds through imaginative leaps, loops and lurches that come to life almost holographically around performative metaphors.  The “prophetic” edge in preaching has been blunted and obscured.
Peers will explore prophetic preaching manifested through sermon (homiletics), servant (leadership) and service (ministry) and unpack what it means to preach with a prophetic hermeneutic to a contemporary audience.  This prophetic epistemology will seek to synthesize the preacher’s role as theologian, interpreter and communicator and elevate the preaching task beyond the exercise of professional duty to an experiential, participatory, connective and deeply scriptural proclamation in this post millennial era.