Ministering to Different Generations and Cultures


Dr. Susan Street-Beavers and Dr. James A. Nooks

This Doctor of Ministry program will investigate the effects of generational and cultural differences on communities. Four generations coexist In the United States; traditionalists (64 to 87 years of age), baby-boomers (45 to 63 years of age), generation –X (30 to 44 years of age), and generation-Y (9 to 29 years of age). Our country is also blessed with different cultural norms influenced by race, gender, ethnicity, location, profession, economics, family, etc. Each generation and culture has different perspectives and expectations concerning their lives and the faith community that they are a part of. Ministries can be influenced positively or negatively by the generational and cultural norms that exist in their communities. This Doctor of Ministry program will develop strategies to positively enhance the effectiveness of ministries by teaching those in communities to appreciate and capitalize upon the different perspectives and expectations.