Minister as Spiritual Director


Howard Anderson and Michael Poke

This Doctor of Ministry program is designed to help pastors explore their ministry as Spiritual Director. Over the last generation, the church has reclaimed its living connection with mystical or ascetical theology—the practice of theology as the presence of God.

This focus group will explore the historic and contemporary resources for reclaiming the centrality of the presence of prayer, the healing ministry of the church, and the practice of Christian discernment for the corporate life of the church. In focusing on Minister as Spiritual Director, we reclaim the priesthood of all believers, as each member of the Body of Christ seeks to discern the unique divine calling for Christian vocation within our lives of service to the world. The first year of the program focuses on content and experiential learning of historic prayer practices and processes of discernment. These practices will then be applied in research projects under supervision during the second year.

This unique program combines the academic curriculum of the United Theological Seminary with the engaged retreat ministry of West Virginia Institute for Spirituality in East Charleston, West Virginia.