Invocation and Assent


Publisher Notes

This insightful, engaging study of English Protestant theology in the seventeenth century helps us to account for the neglect of the doctrine of the Trinity in modern theology – something from which most Protestant Christians today are still trying to recover. By carefully recounting this largely unknown story, Jason Vickers has filled an important gap in the history of Trinitarian doctrine and made an important contribution to the current Trinitarian renaissance. Yet Invocation and Assent is much more than a historical study. Its greatest value lies in clearly and forcefully reminding us what the ultimate purpose of the doctrine of the Trinity is: not to offer a rational explanation of how God can be three in one, but to enable us – in baptism, worship, formation, and mission  – to personally encounter, know, and love the triune God. That’s why this book needs to be read not only by academics but by pastors and Christian leaders everywhere.

– From Stephen A. Seamands, author of Ministry in the Image of God