Hearing Beyond the Words


Publisher Notes

Only when pastors hear beyond the words, can they carefully minister. Pastors listen all the time. Or do they? Listening is more than a developed skill; it is an awesome gift of hospitality offered to others. According to Dr. Emma Justes, hearing beyond the words signifies an intimate relationship characterize by humility, thoughtful availability, vulnerability, and mutuality. Listening requires focused attention and openness. To help the reader learn this essential skill, the author includes exercises at the end of each chapter to build needed competency for this healing ministry. This important book has been adopted for translation in China, Korea, Spain and Eastern Europe.

“Emma Justes illuminates the sacred space that comes into being through listening and the courageous hospitality required of listeners. Undergirding all human encounter and every act of ministry, listening is thoughtful vulnerability that sees truthfully and empowers freedom. This wise book will serve us well for years to come.”

– Larry Kent Graham