Guide to Historical Collections




Guide to Historical Collections

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American Waldensian Society Records
An extensive collection of publications and papers related to the American Waldensian Society, an institution founded in 1906 to support the witness of the Waldensian Church

22 boxes    (10 linear feet)



Bishop Grant D. Batdorf Papers
Manuscripts, correspondence, sermons, notebooks and miscellaneous materials

10 boxes    (6.5 linear feet)

Gift of Louella Batdorf Ripsch



Susan Bauernfeind Papers
Materials relating to the career of Susan Baurenfeind, United Brethren missionary to Japan including dairies and framed photos.

11 boxes    (6 linear feet)

Gift of Lowell and Betty Messerschmidt



Evelyn Beason Papers
Women’s Society of World Service missionary letters, General Conference 1958-1968, general history and biography of EUB – Methodist

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Evelyn Beason



Eunice Mitchell Bennett Papers
Photographs of United Brethren missionary work near Canton, China during the 1920s and early 1930s.  Also, a few personal letters and mission publications.

1 box        (.5 linear foor)

Gift of Kathryn Shoop Allen

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Gertrude Bloede Collection

Papers, photographs, and artifacts (Accn. 004.1) of a missionary nurse and midwife to Sierra Leone, Africa, and Redbird Mission, Kentucky.

9 boxes    (7 linear feet)

Gift of Kathryn Shoop Allen and Gertrude Bloede

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Emerson Bragg Papers

Materials on the Evangelical United Brethren Church General Conferences 1966-1968.  Materials on United Methodist Church General Conferences 1968 and 1970

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Gift of Emerson Bragg



Frank L. Cross Papers

Anthems, certificates, cantatas, and hymns documenting Cross’ work as a music composer, performer, and hymnologist.

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Gift of Frank L. Cross



Otterbein Thomas Deever Papers

Family Bible, letters upon retirement, autobiography, Th. D. dissertation 1958

3 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Gift of the Deever Family



Jesse A. Earl Papers

Papers on West Virginia Methodism and autobiography of the author, includes unpublished materials.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Jesse A. Earl



Paul Himmel Eller Papers

Minutes, correspondence, texts, questionnaires, research notes and liturgical materials from 1951 Hymnal Commission, EUB Church; Evangelical Church materials; Evangelical Association division, 1870; Evangelical Association and United Evangelical Church reunion, 1920-22; Student papers from classes taught at Evangelical Theological Seminary; Manuscript notebooks; Copies of Bishop Sylvanus C. Breyfogel, Digest of Evangelical Law and Judicial Administration;   Miscellaneous materials, largely student papers.

17 boxes    (9 linear feet)

Gift of Paul H. Eller



Dr. S.C. Enck Papers

Diaries 1912-1958: 32 volumes.

Notebooks, deputation visits to China 1937-38.

2 boxes    (1.5 linear feet) Gift of

J. Bruce Behney

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Carl Eschbach Papers

Book manuscript (autobiography of Howard W. Widdoes), diary, correspondence, Philippine Christian Herald newspapers, and photos of mission work in the Philippines.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)


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Gwendolyn Faist Papers

Materials on Women’s Society of World Service, Evangelical United Brethren Church

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Gwendolyn Faist



C. Willard Fetter Papers

Sermons, special addresses, lectures on preaching, and a book in progress; also papers of the UMC Social Principles Study Commission 1968-72.

7 boxes      (3.5 linear feet)

Gift of Willard Fetter



Joseph R. Graham Papers

Photographs, committee papers, conference materials, and other documents 1951-69.  Collection focuses on Ohio conferences and union of EUB Church and Methodist Church.

5 boxes    (2.5 linear feet)

Gift of Joseph R. Graham



Torrey A. Katz Papers

EUB – Methodist Joint Union Committee reports, EUB statistical study, and EUB Commission on Church Literature Study.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Torrey A. Kaatz



Daniel Webster Lambert Papers

Correspondence, preaching licenses, and other materials relating to D.W. Lambert (b. 1837)

1/2 box    (.25 linear foot)

Gift of Charles O. Lambert


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George McAhern Papers

Unprocessed assorted materials

1/2 box    (.25 linear foot)




Charles Urvine McKee Papers

Materials related to his ministerial career and the West Kansas (UB) Conference

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)


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Mary McLanachan Papers

Notebooks, correspondence, speeches, devotions, historical materials, photos, pamphlets, brochures, scrapbook of 1965 mission trip, letters of appreciation at retirement (1970), honorary degrees from York and Lebanon Valley Colleges, academic hood.

8 boxes    (4.5 linear feet)

Gift of the Mary McLanachan estate



Lloyd B. Mignerey Papers

Papers documenting Lloyd Mignerey’s ministerial career, especially his years as a chaplain during WWII and the Korean Conflict.  Materials include correspondence, journals and day books, reports, sermon notes, essays, radio broadcast scripts and recordings.

10 boxes    (8 linear feet)

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Bishop Paul William Millhouse Papers

Documents relating to his career as pastor, administrator, and bishop

20 boxes    (17 linear feet)

Gift of Bishop Paul W. Milhouse



Mr. and Mrs. M. J.  Miller Papers

Articles, pamphlets, books written by M.J. Miller, 1940-79

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Materials relating to the Women’s Society of World Service

1 folder

Gift of Mr. & Mrs. M. J. Miller



Bishop Job Smith Mills Papers

Papers dating1872-1900 (Bishop Mills lived from1848 to 1909.)

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Purchased from Stroud Theological Booksellers, 1983



Clifford J. Morgan Papers

History of York College and other UB colleges, writings, correspondence

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Hazel Morgan Albrecht



Bishop Reuben H. Mueller Papers

Sermon manuscripts and catalog

6 boxes    (1.5 linear feet)

Gift of the Mueller Family (via Dr. Frederick Hill)



The Harry Neitz Sermons

Hand-written sermon notes, 19th century – early 20th century. Some sermons have connections to Rev. Solomon Neitz. Ex collection Rev. W.E. Pottieger.

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Gift of Dr. Cecil P.E. Pottieger, 1980


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Louis Odon Papers

Papers and reports of the Ohio Miami Conference (EUB) and West Ohio Conference (UMC)

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Gift of Mrs. Louis Odon



Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter Papers

Correspondence, publications, and unpublished manuscripts concerning Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter, the Lorenz family, and Lorenz Publishing Company.

1 box          (1 linear foot)

Gift of Ellen Jane Lorenz Porter

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Edna Schutz Collection

Materials on mission work in Sierra Leone

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of the Schutz Family



Justina Lorenz Showers Collection

Scrapbooks, photo albums, and artifact accession 76.1 (Middle Eastern artifacts)

4 boxes    (2.5 linear feet)

Gift of Justina L. Showers



Bishop Wesley M. Stanford Papers

Papers relating to Stanford’s career as pastor and bishop in the United Evangelical Church, also newspaper blocks.

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Gift of Dr. Irwin W. Batdorf



Rose Weimar Stanford Papers

Materials documenting Mrs. Stanford’s work in the Women’s Missionary Society of the United Evangelical Church, also newspaper blocks.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Dr. Irwin W. Batdorf



Arthur B. Statton Papers

Diary of a trip to Sierra Leone, 1928-29

1 box          (.25 linear foot)




Raymond H. Veh Papers

Publications edited by Dr. Veh, transcript of a 1981 interview, autographs of United Brethren, Evangelical Association, United Evangelical Church, Evangelical United Brethren Church, and United Methodist Church bishops, and other papers

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Raymond H. Veh; Interview copy via Dwight Busacca 2007



Mary Lou Warner Papers

Papers documenting E.U.B. missions and missionaries, including letters from missionaries

6 boxes    (6 linear feet)

Gift of Mary Lou Warner



William H. Watson Papers (Missing from Inventory, 0723/08 MAQ)

Historical materials from the Michigan Conference of the Evangelical and E.U.B. churches, including a manuscript for supplement to Michigan Conference history, 1960-68

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of the Rev. Ralaigh Sain



Wrelda Wrye Papers

Papers concerning work in Christian Education

3 boxes    (2 linear feet)

Gift of the Wrelda Wrye estate



Harry L. Zachman Papers

Three notebooks on Rev. Zachman’s pastoral ministry and other materials

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Ralph E. Dessem



Samuel G. Ziegler Papers

Two manuscripts on the history of United Brethren missions

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Samuel G. Ziegler



United Methodist Church Administrative Offices of Dayton Collection

Banners, artworks, and other items from the de-commissioned administrative building at 601 Riverside Drive, Dayton, OH. (Accession 004.2)

3 boxes    (3 linear feet)

Gift of the United Methodist Church Administrative Offices



Camp St. Marys Collection

A small collection documenting the history of Camp St. Marys (1946-85) and the September 2001 Deconsecration Service for the Camp Tabernacle.

1 box        (.25 linear foot)

Gift of Everett H. Aldtadt

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Arnold and Carol Ettenhoffer Papers

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Arnold and Carol Ettenhoffer



Carl Heinmiller Papers

2 boxes    (2 linear feet)

Gift of Carl Heinmiller



S. J. Gamertsfelder Papers

(Accession 001.1)

2 boxes    (2 linear feet)

Gift of William Naumann



Shirley Collection

Early to mid-twentieth century African ethnographic artifacts (Accession 998.2) acquired by the Shirley family during their missionary work in Sierra Leone

16 boxes +    (39 linear feet)
Inventory and photographs available

Gift of Ruth Shirley

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Dr. Frank Oldt Papers

Two original manuscripts: “Frank Oldt, Medical Missionary: His Story” (Accession 998.3) and “Dr. Oldt: Missionary to China” (Accession 998.2)

2 boxes    (.5 linear foot)


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City Missions Historical Collection

Pamphlets, reports, working papers, and publications concerning American urban missions in Boston, Cleveland, Dayton, Denver, Indianapolis, New York, and Philadelphia dating from 1848 to 1967.  While the collection focuses on E.U.B. related inner-city missions, it also includes general publications on urban ministry.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Materials collected by United Theological Seminary Memorial Library and transferred to the Center for the Evangelical United Brethren Heritage June 2005.

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Harold and Pearl Testerman Megill Papers

Photographs, post cards, and a Bonebrake Theological Seminary diploma.  Materials focus on Bonebrake during the period 1916 – 28. (Accn. 999.2)

2 folders plus oversize items    (.25 linear foot)

Gift of Esther Megill

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Thompson Otterbein Press Collection

Publications and photographs relating to Otterbein Press of Dayton, Ohio, dating ca. 1945-50, also a set of eight commemorative glass tumblers ca. 1984 (Accn. 987.1)

2 boxes     (1.5 linear feet)

Gift of Richard Thompson

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Evangelical and United Brethren Seminaries Collection

Publications, papers, photographs, and other materials documenting Union Biblical Seminary, Bonebrake Theological Seminary, and Evangelical School of Theology.

3 boxes     (3 linear feet)

Gift of The United Methodist Church General Commission on Archives and History



American Theological Society Papers

Membership lists, official correspondence, programs and copies of papers presented at ATS meetings 1945-1963.

1 box         (.5 linear feet)

Presented to United Theological Seminary Library by Dr. J. Arthur Heck

Transferred to the collections of the Center for E.U.B. Heritage June 2005



John S. Ermentrout Papers

Two notebooks, ca. 1840.  John S. Ermentrout’s hand written notes on Dr. John Williamson Nevin’s lectures on systematic theology.  Volume 2 includes notes on Dr. F. A. Rauch’s course of lectures on Aesthetics given at Marshall College in 1840.

1 box        (.5 linear feet)

Ex Libris Evangelical School of Theology.  Accessioned into the collections of United Theological Seminary in 1964. Transferred to the collections of the Center for E.U.B. Heritage June 2005.



The Church Federation of Greater Dayton Collection

Copies of 13 publications issued by the Federation between 1952 and 1959

1 expansion folder    (.25 linear feet)

Found in collections, 2007



Jacob Miller, Jr., and Ella Norris Miller Collection

Artifacts from Sierra Leone and a bound letter copying book containing copies of letters sent from Sierra Leone to the United States 1891-92

3 boxes    (3 linear feet)

Gift of the Miller estate via Mrs. Frances W. Ohrman, 2000.



J.T. Hott Papers

A hardcover notebook containing hand-written Yale University lecture course notes taken by J.T. Hott 1883-84.  Courses include “Systematic Theology” by Dr. Samuel Harris (1814-99) and “Homiletics” by Dr. William M. Barbour.

1 volume     (1 linear inch)

Accessioned into the collections of United Theological Seminary Memorial Library in 1967. Transferred to the collections of the Center for E.U.B. Heritage June 2005.



Roy P. Carpenter Glass Slide Collection

Twelve professionally made glass Magic Lantern Slides featuring images of Bonebrake Theological Seminary grounds and staff in the 1920s.  The slides were collected by United alumnus Roy P. Carpenter.

1 box         (.5 linear foot)

Donated by Juanita Hohn, November 1995  (Accn. 995.9)

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Samuel Bell Collection

One magic lantern projector and more than 250 glass slides for use in illustrating Bible lectures and interpreting Methodist Episcopal Church missionary work in Asia  ca. 1902.

7 Boxes and 1 Projector    6 linear feet

Donated by Samuel Bell



Bishop Hermann W. Kaebnick Collection

Letters, photographs, books, and artifacts documenting the career of EUB / UMC Bishop Kaebnick.  The collection includes a piece of tile made by Jacob Albright.

4 boxes     (4 linear feet)

Donated by Charles Keller (Accn. 001.4)



The Florence Shepherd and Florence Howard Norris Papers

Two related small collections:  a scrapbook of pictures of United Brethren missionaries compiled by Florence Shepherd (1860-1956) and Florence Norris’s research project based upon the Shepherd scrapbook: “Glimpses of United Brethren Missionaries 1855-1946,” which she completed in 1995.

2 boxes     (1 linear foot)

Donated by Florence Shepherd and Florence Howard Norris

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The Rufus H. LeFever United Brethren in Christ Collection

Publications and photographs documenting the United Brethren church collected and arranged topically by the Rev. Rufus H. LeFever.  Most items date from the 1910s to the 1930s.

2 boxes     (1.5 linear feet)

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Florence Cronise Papers

Florence Cronise was a United Brethren missionary and English teacher who worked in the United States, Sierra Leone, and Japan.  Her career as an educator included teaching positions at Earlham College, Otterbein College, Western (Leander Clark) College, and Nagoya College.  Collection HC-63 consists of two large scrapbooks documenting her travels and work in Japan, 1913-20.

2 boxes    (1 linear foot)

Donated by Florence Norris

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Harry W. Deaven Collection

A small collection of materials associated with Rev. Deaven’s ministry: papers, a hymnal, and two commemorative plates.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Donated by Joanne Smith



“Grassroots Voices: The EUB Experience” Oral History Collection

More than 250 interviews with former EUB clergy and laity conducted 2002-06 by the Center for the Evangelical United Brethren Heritage.

9 boxes     (6 linear foot)

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EUB Leadership Oral History Collection

Interviews with 89 selected national leaders of the EUB Church conducted in 1979 through the 1980s by the Center for the Evangelical United Brethren Heritage.

7 boxes    (3 linear feet)



H. Stanley and Shelomith D. Corl Eichenauer Papers

Church bulletins dating 1962-68 from the Columbus Avenue EUB (later UM) Church of Sandusky, Ohio, where Rev. Stan Eichenauer served as Pastor; also Corl family EUB Church-related papers collected by Shomy Eichenauer.

1 box + 1 envelope         (.5 linear foot)

Donated by the Rev. H. Stanley and Shelomith D. Corl Eichenauer, 2006-2007



Charles M. Austin Collection

A collection of 26 audiocassettes containing recordings of Charles Austin presenting his research into African-American history in the Dayton area and the life of Paul Laurence Dunbar. The recordings date between 1981 and 2004.

1 box         (.5 linear foot)

Purchased from Charles M. Austin, 2006

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United Methodist Historical Society of Minnesota Collection

Publications by and about the Society, featuring copies of its journal, Heritage, dating from 1982 to 2006.

1 box         (.5 linear foot)

Donated by UMHS of Minnesota



Harlan and Mabel Thomas Papers

Letters to and from the Sierra Leone mission field, 1916-37

2 boxes     (1 linear foot)

Donated by Harriet J. Walker, Clarke Thomas, Evelyn Voris and families

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The Charles F. Brown Papers

Files documenting the EV/EUB/UMC pastorates of the Rev. Brown in New York and Massachusetts

1 box         (.5 linear foot)



The Bishop L. L. Baughman Papers

7 boxes     (4 linear feet)



The N. L. Linebaugh Papers

Typewritten manuscript with photographs: The Church of the United Brethren in Christ in Darke County (1931)

1 box         (.5 linear feet)



The Bishop John S. Stamm Papers

Typewritten manuscripts of sermons and two unpublished books, also a copy of Bishop Stamm’s published book, Evangelism and Christian Experience (1930).

1 box     (.5 linear feet)

Donated by Lucy Rowe, 1994

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The Oscar Hyden Papers

Photographs, worship bulletins, and the Master’s Thesis of the Rev. Dr. Oscar Andrew Hyden, EV pastor and Conference Superintendent in the EUB Church.

1 box         (.5 linear foot)

Donated by Eleanor R. Wolf, 2000

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The Cecil P.E. Pottieger Papers

Scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, manuals, periodical articles, correspondence, reports, manuscripts, pamphlets, conference papers, books, and other materials pertaining mostly to ministry with city people dwelling in apartments.

2 boxes    (2 linear feet)

Donated by Dr. Cecil P.E. Pottieger

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The Charles W. and Bertha Leader Papers

1 box        (1 linear foot)



The Gladys Ward Collection

Diaries, letters, newspaper and magazine articles, photographs, and artifacts focusing on United Brethren missionary work in China.

12 boxes    2 Rolls        (7.5 linear feet)


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The Roger L. Miller Papers

Copies of articles and booklets relating to Middletown, Ohio, area United Brethren in Christ, Evangelical United Brethren, Methodist, and United Methodist Church history authored or co-authored by Roger L. Miller.

1 folder

Donated by Roger L. Miller, 2007-08



The Winifred R. Hardy Collection

Materials from the donor’s paternal grandparents, the Rev. Henry Herman Brockhaus (1860-1947) and Augusta Barnetzke Brockhaus (d. 1904), and maternal grandparents August and Wilhelmiene Raduege.  The collection includes German language sermon notes and books, a wooden sermon file cabinet, framed portraits of Rev. and Mrs. Brockhaus, and a photograph of Henry Herman Brockhaus celebrating his 81st birthday, May 11, 1941.

1 Box

Donated by Winifred R. (Brockhaus) Hardy, 2007



The Osborne K. Webster Papers

Photographs, scrapbooks, and a Kansas Conference UB history publication, items collected or produced by O. K. Webster.

.5 linear foot (1 box)

Donated by Claude McMinn, 2002

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The Wilson A. Shearer Papers

Maryland United Brethren / EUB history research files, presentations, and video.

.25 linear foot (partial box)

Donated by Wilson A. Shearer, 2007-2008



The Robert W. MacCanon Papers

Biographical data, photographs, and publications documenting the Rev. Robert W. MacCanon’s life and service in the church.

.25 linear foot (partial box)

Donated by Verla MacCanon, 2007

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The Chester A. Cramer Papers

Two booklets and a short story written by Chet Cramer about life at Red Bird Mission, and a map of the Beverly, Kentucky, area produced to help visitors find the mission sites.

1 folder

Donated by Randall and Barbara Crouse, 2007

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The J. M. Phillippi Papers

2 boxes



The Marian Baker Papers

President, Women’s Missionary Society of the Evangelical Church, New York Conference.  Papers dating 1930-1964 include documents concerning religious education and mission work in the Evangelical Church, ecumenical programs involving the Evangelical United Brethren Church of Webster, NY., a 1945 presentation on church relations with migrant workers, post-World War II demobilization, and the founding of the United Nations.

2 folders in with Box # 2 of HC-85



The Vandersall Family Collection

Papers, ephemera, a clerical stole and a chair connected to the ministries of the Rev. W. Austin Vandersall and his son, the Rev. Coburn C. Vandersall.

1 Box

Gift of Dr. David C. and Barbara Vandersall, 2006-08



The Rev. W. E. Pottieger Papers

Newspaper articles, pamphlets, photos, and correspondence concerning Rev. William Edward Pottieger’s ministry and the 1922 merger of the Evangelical Association and the United Evangelical Church to form the Evangelical Church.

.5 linear foot (1 box)

Gift of The Rev. Dr. Cecil P.E. Pottieger, 2007

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The Christena Wahl Slide Collection

Slides taken by Christena Wahl of an EUB mission trip to the Philippines, Japan, India, and Hong Kong, led by Dr. Vernon Farnham in the mid-1960’s. Also, Ms. Wahl’s hand-written Hong Kong slide show notes.

.5 linear foot (1 box)

Found in collections, 2008



The Bishop Paul Washburn Papers

Sermons and accompanying worship bulletins dating 1939-1982 primarily from his years as pastor of St. John’s E.U.B. Church, Rockford, IL, and First E.U.B. Church (now Community United Methodist Church) of Naperville, IL.

3 linear feet (3 boxes)

Gift of John A. Washburn and Community UMC, 2007-08

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The Dreisbach-Schwab Collection

Photographs, publications, articles, artifacts, and journals documenting Rev. John             Dreisbach and family

2 linear feet (2 boxes)

Gift of Lois O. Schwab, 1999, in honor of Kendall D. Schwab and Ardee Dreisbach Schwab Ross



The Stambach Family Collection

Photographs, publications, and artifacts documenting the ministries of the Rev. Ruth Stambach and her parents, the Rev. Jerome Stambach and the Rev. Pauline Stambach.

1 linear foot (2 boxes)

Gift of the Rev. Ruth Stambach, 2007-08



The Leo Banks Waynick, Jr. Papers

A memo (ca. 1970) and Ph. D. dissertation (1971) written by Dr. Leo Banks Waynick, Jr. Focus: urban ministry.

2 folders    (In the same box with HC-94)

Gift of Dr. Cecil P.E. Pottieger. Separated from HC-76 2008.



The Mabell M. Nielsen Papers

Photographs and documents concerning Bonebrake Theological Seminary alum, Mabell M. Nielsen, class of 1916.

2 folders    In the same box with HC- 93

Gift of Loretta Eckman, 1979.



Oral History Miscellaneous Interviews Collections

Historical Collection 95 contains a number of oral history projects and interviews not associated with those contained in HC-65 Grassroots Voices or HC-66 EUB Leaders. A number of these interviews predate the first major oral history project conducted by the Center for the Evangelical United Brethren Heritage.  In one early project, two groups of leaders of the former EUB Church were interviewed in April and May of 1977 at Otterbein-Lebanon Retirement Community.

.5 linear foot (1 box)

1977 interview materials are from the Dr. James D. Nelson estate, 2005; other items were found in the Center’s collections, 2008-09

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The Ira E. McBride Collection

Documents, photos, slides, movies, map, and shirt owned by the late Dr. Ira E. McBride, Evangelical Church / EUB missionary to Nigeria and the Sudan.

4 linear feet (4 boxes)

Gift of Patrice McBride King, 2007 (Accn. 007.14)



The Amy G. Skartved Collection

Personal and professional papers, images, and artifacts documenting the career of Amy Skartved, a nurse-midwife and Christian educator who served at EV / EUB missions in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kentucky, and New Mexico 1944-1970. From 1969-1983 she worked as a nurse in other hospitals in New Mexico and Arizona.

2 linear feet (2 boxes)

Gift of Amy G. Skartved via Mary Lue Warner, 1998 (Accn. 998.5)



The Bishop Lawrence Hoover Seager Papers

39 Ohio marriage licenses (authorization section only) dating 1896-1911.

1 folder

Gift of The United Methodist Church General Commission on Archives and History, 1996

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The Phyllis Ludwig Collection

Documents, publications, and artifacts from Phyllis Ludwig, missionary to Nigeria 1968-1958, and notes concerning the ministry of her father, the Rev. George M. Ludwig.

3.5 linear feet    (3 boxes)

Gift of Phyllis Ludwig, 2001-2008



The Ronald R. Hill Papers

A small collection of papers documenting the Rev. Ronald R. Hill’s graduation from United Theological Seminary (Class of 1963) and his ministry at Ninth Street EUB Church, Newport, KY.

2 folders    (.1 linear foot)

Gift of Ronald R. Hill, 2008



The Thomas S. and Jean Stone Collection

A collection of mid-to-late 20th century documents and publications highlighting the Kansas Conference (U.B.) of the EUB Church, Christian education and camping, York and Westmar Colleges, and the Rev. Harry W. Sims. The collection includes a few items by and about the Rev. Thomas S. Stone.

1 box        (.5 linear foot)

Gift of Jean Stone, 2008



The O. D. E. Pottieger Papers

A small collection of personal and professional papers. Most are printed materials dating from 1947-1948.

1 folder    (.1 linear foot)

Gift of O. D. E. Pottieger, 1998



Arthur Paul Peden Papers

A small collection of publications by poet and artist Rev. Arthur Paul Peden dating 1963-1984.

1 box    (.25  linear foot)

Collection created from United Library holdings, 2008