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Emma J. Justes


Distinguished Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling in the Emma Toussant Chair in Pastoral Theology
| 937.529.2268

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  • Teaching and Research

    Emma’s teaching and research interests include pastoral care and counseling, pastoral theology, crisis, grief, aging, transitions, human sexuality, pastoral care in a pluralistic context, and discipleship from a pastoral care perspective.

  • Education

    B.A. in Elementary Education, Franklin College (1963)

    B.Div., Colgate Rochester Divinity School (1967)

    M.T.S. in Practical Theology, Princeton Theological
    Seminary (1969)

    Ph.D.in Practical Theology, Princeton Theological
    Seminary (1979)

  • Professional

    Member of The Society for Pastoral Theology and the American Baptist Minister’s Council

    Member of the Board of the American Baptist Church, USA Roger Williams Fellowship

    Member of the Editorial Board of the
    Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

    Ordained in the American Baptist Church in 1967

    Has served in ministry in Reformed Church in America,
    American Baptist, and African Methodist Episcopal Churches

  • Publications

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    Hearing Beyond the Words: Becoming a Listening Pastor. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2006.

    publisher notes

    Moessner, Jeanne S. Through the Eyes of Women. Chapter Author, "Pastoral Care and Older Women's Secrets". Augsburg Fortress Press, 19966.

    publisher notes

    God and Human Freedom: A Festschrift for Howard Thurman. Chapter Author on using his work as a base for Pastoral Care.

  • Personal Life

    Racial and Gender issues are crucial for me. Justice and walking the way Jesus walked (the Way).

    A new issue I am pursuing is what I might call “Understanding Living with Privilege.”

    Secrets is also an area of great interest. I have written a book (not yet published) about keeping secrets about which we have shame. So many older people have kept secrets all their lives
    and then -- I think in anticipation of dying and trying to get their
    “life pictures” to make sense -- they tell the secret. These are redeeming experiences and life changing and I wrote to encourage people to listen to secrets.

    A new writing interest is “Fear” because of the tremendous role
    it plays in keeping us from walking Jesus’ way.

    I am a single parent to two sons, Kito and Micah. I adopted them when they were infants. We also have three cats, Sophia, Woods and Jordan.

    Some of my wider family live in the Cincinnati area, my brother included. We grew up in the Cincinnati/northern Kentucky area.

    My newest hobby is stone carving. I love gardening, taking pictures and Jazz. I love to write.

    I love to travel, especially in South Africa and hope to teach there again in the future.