Digital Media Ministry in the Church


Dr. Timothy Coombs
Jim Eller, Faculty Consultant

This focus group will explore the impact of media on the Church and its history and how to effectively and pastorally integrate the use of media technology into the worship and/or educational life of the local parish.

Participants will:

  • Use media technology as a means to expand their ability to communicate the gospel and build Christian community.

  • Explore how media has helped shape the Church’s biblical, historical, and theological understanding throughout history, and the Church’s response that has helped and/or hindered its overall mission and ministry.

  • Examine communication theory and the advantages and disadvantages of different forms of media, and then choose the most appropriate types of media for their context and develop an ethical standard for the use of multimedia.

  • Research the practices of using media technology, review published material, become familiar with basic media technology and terminology, explore and critique the growing plethora of media resources available, and develop a philosophy and plan for incorporating or expanding the use of media technology in the local parish.

  • Create and implement a media project for their local context.