David Watson Quote


“Teaching in a seminary offers me the opportunity to contribute to the renewal of the church that is so deeply needed within the mainline denominations.

As a United Methodist minister I care very much about the life of the church, and I’ve seen the ways in which clergy, given the proper training and tools, can energize congregations and help to transform lives in the name of Jesus Christ.

I believe that the New Testament is the definitive revelation of the love of God made present in Jesus Christ. As such it is deeply relevant for our lives in the twenty-first century. Yet the works of the New Testament have been influenced by the social and historical situations of the communities that produced them. They therefore bear the marks of first-century composition. Striking a balance between understanding these works as ancient texts and as present-day sacred scripture is a difficult but important process. To the greatest extent possible, we must hear the texts on their own terms while being open to the ways in which God works through these texts to lead us in the Christian life.”

– David F. Watson