Prophetic Congregational Development Using 21st Century Methods, Including a Womanist/Feminist Theological Perspective


Dr. Angela Washington and Dr. Donnell J. Moore

This Doctor of Ministry Program is designed to create contagious excitement for today’s congregations by tailoring their ministries based on some of the leading congregations throughout the country. Our goal is to equip and provide transformative tools for empowerment, development and redevelopment toward prophetic ministry engagement. We will concentrate on healthy and vital church growth while looking at a variety of administrative models and systems that bring measurable results. Simultaneously, we will elevate and illuminate the voice of women who have shaped and are shaping the topography and context of how vital and effective congregational life is conceived, nurtured and developed from divergent women’s perspectives. Over a three-year period, we will visit leading men and women ministry leaders in their contexts and ascertain key methodologies for ministry success in the 21st Century. Ministry participants will be equipped with hands-on models of ministry that radically change the way ministry is practiced today. This program promises to prepare the participant to be a more prophetic servant leader for the 21st Century church.