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3-Year Online/Hybrid M.Div.


Contact: Admissions
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United’s online/hybrid program is designed especially for students in regions not readily served by a local seminary community. This hybrid model of distance theological education aims to maximize the use of technology and minimize the amount of time and expense spent in travel, while also emphasizing the deeply relational and covenantal nature of Christian ministry. The majority of the coursework may be completed online, with a minimum of only one week required per semester at the Dayton Ohio campus to fulfill accreditation residency requirements.

Each student must check with her or his denominational judicatory regarding residency requirements for ordination. The seminary will assist each student in selecting courses to meet judicatory requirements.

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  • Requirements

    In order to complete your degree, you must:

    Complete a minimum of one-third of your degree in a hybrid or face-to-face format. United’s Gathering Weeks allow you to complete up to two-thirds in a hybrid or face-to-face format. For ordination requirements, please check with your own judicatory.

    Complete all requirements in the 78-hour M.Div. curriculum (see Complete Online Student Orientation; a 3- to 4-hour course)

    Enroll in Hybrid Contextual Ministries as soon as you begin your M.Div. if you plan to complete your degree in three years. All theological students (except M.T.S.) must enroll in the Contextual Ministries Program, which consist of:

    • A professionally facilitated ministry group (Formation and Integration courses) that meets weekly online and in the one-week intensives (Gathering Week)

    • A service learning ministry placement  in a church or community site in your area (serve 10 hours per week)

    • Intercultural Trip

  • Course Schedules

    The course schedules below will allow you to complete the degree in three years. Courses may be taken at any time or in any order (subject to prerequisites), but course offerings are subject to change. If you wish to add a concentration or denominational course concentration, please contact our Admissions Officer or your advisor.

    Admissions Officer
    admissions@united.edu | 800.322.5817

    The degree program may also be completed over a longer period of time and may involve a variety of educational formats to fit your schedule. Schedules should be reviewed by your advisor.

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  • Gathering Weeks

    Gathering Weeks will be offered twice a year at our Dayton, Ohio, campus so that online students can complete the face-to-face portion of their degree. They will be offered the fourth week of the BC-12 module in the fall and one of the last two reading weeks of the BC-12 module in the spring semester.

    The courses offered during the gathering week are hybrid (a portion online and a portion in the classroom). In most cases the online portion begins online before the Gathering Week classroom time and continues online until the end of the term. Course start dates are listed on the Course List. Most will begin on the first day of the BC-12 module. For module dates, please visit the Module Calendar section of the website.

    What's Included

    Formation I and II and Integration I and II.

    Communal worship and meals

    Intensive courses




    Other intensive courses may be taken at our Dayton campus throughout the year.

    Fees for Gathering Weeks in Addition to Tuition

    Housing: We have negotiated lower prices at some of the hotels in our area. Please explore the Visitor Accommodation section of the website to make your room arrangements for the week.

    For other housing questions, please contact studentlife@united.edu.

    Meals and Incidentals:
    Gathering Week = $145

    United will provide transportation to and from the hotels in Englewood near I-70 and SR 48 for $20 per day. Please advise us if you need this service. Some hotels provide free transportation to and from the airport. Please arrange this with your hotel.

    Campus Map

    Download a map of the campus specific to Gathering Week.