2014: Another Year to Say Yes to God’s Call!

North American Christians have a great opportunity. It is the opportunity to help change lives with the Gospel and renew the church for the mission of Jesus Christ in the world!

How can you and I participate in some of the most exciting, interesting and meaningful adventures in history? By saying yes to God’s call upon our lives.

Many Christians and churches are already doing so. But there’s a whole world out there and in many places things just aren’t right. This is often the case in personal lives, congregations, communities, national life and in the life of the world.

Why do I single out North Americans on this occasion? Because this is the immediate context in which I serve and write. In this particular context many churches and leaders are on the verge of diving into the mission of Jesus Christ with whole hearts, minds, souls and all their strength. Others, for lack of faithful leadership, are discouraged, declining and quite possibly dying on the vine even though God is offering all of us something much better.

Where God’s purposes are already being accomplished, more help is always needed. You can say yes to God and join a team already at work in ministry, or prepare to venture out as a missionary in a new context.

What difference can one person make? It is important to remember we are never alone in God’s beloved community or in the mission of Jesus Christ. Martin Luther was not alone in his ministry of reform. The Wesleys were not alone in their mission to reform the church and spread scriptural holiness through the lands. Harriet Tubman was not alone freeing captives. No missionary, pastor, lay worker or student needs to be alone in his or her service to Christ. So the question to ask is: what difference can we make together, God helping us?

I invite you to join the United community as we say yes to God’s call in yet another year God has blessed us to enjoy, worship and serve God in the name and Spirit of the Risen Christ!

There are already many answering God’s call. I hope you’ll let us help you figure out and follow God’s call in your life, too! Gratefully yours in the ministry of Christ,

Wendy J. Deichmann